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So I have successfully made the switch over from Movabletype to WordPress. Some of the links and comments may have issues for a while but everything seems to be moving along nicely. There have been some issues with Disqus linking to the old blog from the comments and I haven’t quite figured that one out yet but I may have time later this week.


I am currently on a much-needed vacation which started Saturday. Not doing much this week but the girls and I did manage to drive up to Tennessee yesterday and pay a visit to Eric and his lovely wife. We had a nice lunch in town and just hung out for a while teaching the girls the finer points of shooting pool, something I enjoy doing but am not very good at.

It’s about a three hour drive to their place straight up 113/120 to 441. The last time I made the trip was during October two years ago and at that time the trees were in full fall foliage mode. Very beautiful. The girls were well-behaved on the drive and it was very enjoyable. The drive home always seems to take a bit longer and I was pretty tired. Had to stop about an hour from Eric’s and find one of those nasty five-hour-energy drinks. I hate them and have always made a practice of shying away from any type of energy drink but as I was starting to nod off I had to have something. 5-hour-energy is like crack. Not very good for you and only lasts a little while. It did help me to get home though.

I seem to be suffering from a bit of sleep deprivation, which may explain why I was so wiped out early in the evening. Opened a new store two weeks ago and it’s been kicking my ass. It’s a half hour from the house and is actually well outside the geographical area where my other stores are. As a matter of fact by all rights it should belong to someone else but between myself and my boss we have opened more new stores than their entire team put together. Hell, I’ve probably opened new stores than they have.

It sits right in the middle of fucking nowhere. Very few restaurants and an extremely large residential area. Since we opened two weeks ago every days has been like Christmas. Literally. For those that don’t know Christmas is the busiest day of the year for our company. Up until the last few years nobody else opens their doors on Christmas day and it’s normally standing room only from 6am until midnight. And so I have been working from 630am until whenever I get home. Some days the store manager has worked late and I get to go home but he is brand new, just like 90% of my hourly associates. He’s like a fucking deer caught in the headlights.

I really can’t complain too much though because at the end of the day it translates into more money for me to bank and that’s why I keep doing this.

Anyway, welcome to the sort of new site. If you haven’t been here before don’t expect much. I seem to rarely post anymore although now it’s tied in with my crime site and I may be able to post once or twice a week before I pass out at night. Basically all Skullfucking amounts to is a place for me to rant. I am rude and unapologetic. If you don’t like it go somewhere else and bother someone who gives a fuck. Don’t expect any beautiful prose or wit. I am rambling and jump from one subject to the next and sometimes I just post plain old weird shit.

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