The Hysterics At Eric’s

So once again it was a successful blog meet at SWG’s place.

Unfortunately I arrived Saturday afternoon due to scheduling. Once of my manager’s had a vacation which didn’t end until Saturday and she went on a cruise (during hurricane season) and ended up getting stuck an extra day. Luckily my boss still allowed me to head out. I hit the road fairly early Saturday, stopping to watch the rest of my daughter’s soccer game before I hit the road to Tennessee.

The usual gang was there.  Eric of course and his lovely wife Fiona, Steve and Donna, Dax Montana, Zonker (who I haven’t seen in a couple of years), Velociman (ditto), Chou Chope, Teresa, Boudicca, Denny, Jerry, K-nine, that guy with the Great Farookin’ Hair and Erica. I finally got the chance to meet Libby for the first time, which was a nice treat. RSM and Tommy were both there on Friday so I didn’t get the chance to see them this time around.

If I missed anyone (or have wrong links), let me know and I’ll add you in!

While I only managed to get one evening it was still a good time. I didn’t make it in time (or think about it) to set up a live link as we did last year, sorry about that.

There was a bit of talk about resurrecting the Southern Writer’s Conference aka the drunken blodger gathering. Just as soon as I get my calendar for 2013 I’ll let you guys know when a decent weekend would be for me.

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