One Million

Wow. Apparently at some point this weekend I finally passed the millionth visitor to the site since I started using Sitemeter back around 8-10 years ago. Not really sure when I started using it but the site itself has been up since Christmas Day 2000 and prior to that was a BBS. That’s one million  visitors, not page views. I passed the million mark on views a long time ago.

The site has changed drastically over the last few years. It started out as Shadowscope BBS (originally Shadowland) then at some point during 2,000 I changed it to a web page and updated the html manually on a daily basis. Around 2003 I started using Movabletype which helped the blogging because I didn’t have to update the html. Posts were sparse though. While I wrote on a regular basis it was mostly sharing links and a couple lines of blurbs. Sort of where I am right now as a matter of fact lol. I blogged on a very regular basis starting in 2004 until about 2010. For a while I did the payperpost thing and then shifted over to what I really enjoy, crime blogging.

In 2009 or 10 I moved my crime blogging over to the site it’s currently at and this one pretty much sat dormant. I am trying to post a little more regularly now but for the most part this site just collects links from the other places I post, Twitter, Sick Crimes and Skullfucking (not that I’ve updated there recently either.)

Any way you look at it 1,000,000 is an awful lot of visitors.


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