Android Remote Control

Seems like such a simple thing. I’ve been trying to find an app that would let me remote control my Nexus 6 and my Nexus wall-mounted tablet from my PC. Not as easy as you might thing.

I checked out VNC first simply because I’ve used it before. No go unless you are rooted. Then did some searching on el Goog and looked into Teamviewer and Airdroid. Both work fine for mirroring and Airdroid will let you control if you are hooked to the PC via USB but that’s fucking useless for what I wanted.

Vysor is a pretty good app and I trust the developer as well. I’ve got it installed for later use but again, you have to have the device hooked to the phone.

Desktop Capture showing control of my phone over Wifi.

FINALLY found one with Mobizen. Initially I thought it would be simply screen mirroring with no control but once you’ve given it admin access in the security settings it works just fine.

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