Buyer Beware

I love coupons and deals. Hey, if I can save a buck or two that’s usually a good thing particularly if I’m in a situation where I can see the goods beforehand. Groupons, not so much. Now, for services they seems to be ok. I’ve purchase meals ahead of time and concert tickets once. Goods however? They are currently 0 for 2 and I’ll just go stick with eBay if I can find a really good price.

A couple of years ago a pretty good deal on a CCTV DVR came across so I picked it up. It’s one of those where you have to supply the hard drive. Not a big deal as I had them in abundance at the time. Anyway, when it arrived it wouldn’t even power up. I had to ship it back and wait for it to get there to get my money back. At least with Amazon if you ship something back they credit the money to your account as soon as they receive the info that the shipping company has it, or that’s been my experience.

Anyhow, right now I really don’t have any extra money but a pretty awesome deal came across for a projector and screen. I read the reviews on the same on over at Amazon as well as a couple of AV forums I lurk at and they were pretty good. It was a great deal considering the screen (most likely a heavy cloth tarp) was included. I went ahead and put it on a credit card. I can always pay it later.

Said projector arrived today all by it’s lonesome. I’ve emailed Groupon waiting for a response but they don’t normally do any kind of swapping out or anything like they. They are really just the middle men in the deal. I figure they will offer a refund and then I need to decide if I want the refund or not. I can get it from Amazon for $20 less without the damn screen and just “borrow” one from they school or something.

Either way, that’ll most likely be the last thing I purchase through Groupon.

Updated 3/9 – Received an email overnight fro Groupon. Apparently most orders ship separately. That’s all the info I received so maybe I’ll get the screen soon.

3/10 – Received another update last night that the screen is definitely shipping and I should receive a tracking update soon. That makes me feel better but maybe they should put something in the receipt that says products may ship separately so assholes like me won’t get their panties in a  wad.

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