IFTTT Integration Coming to Apps (Already Live in Some)

IFTTT has been working with developers over the last few months to directly add integration into apps so that you can unlock and potentially activate recipes from the apps rather than the web site or the IFTTT app itself.

Integrations with Abode, Awair, BloomSky, Foobot,Garageio, LIFX, Qapital, Roger, Skybell, and Stack Lighting are live today and Automatic, Emberlight, and Ring Video Doorbell are in development so should be live soon. Currently the only one I use is Automatic so that will be nice. All of the other home automation apps listed above pretty much require cloud support (as does Automatic) in order to link it up to your home automation system and while it’s a nice add-on, being dependent on something in the cloud to automate your home is a really bad idea IMHO.

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