More BBS Updates

Rather than run a virtual machine I’ve kept my Mystic setup on my Win 10 64bit desktop just because it uses less resources that way. I was finding that my system was bogging down. Until I can get some of the other stuff offloaded to a Raspberry Pi I have Plex, Jackett, Sonarr and several other things running here at the same time.

That means that until I set up qemu the old 16-bit dos games won’t work except for the ones I have set up using BBSLink. I’ll try and get some of the newer 32 bit doors loaded as soon as possible. Currently the only one I am personally hosting is Usurper. There are at least ten accessible from the BBSLink menu though.

I have a few of my Ansi menus moved and will keep working on that slowly but surely. Going to do more back-end stuff first though. I need to set myself up as a point first so that I can access my netmail and all the echomail from my phone. I’ve never set up a point system before so that may take a while.

If you have any suggestions as far as games or mods please feel free to let me know.

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