Verizon Offers Unlimited Data Plan

Hell has officially frozen over.

I ditched Verizon a couple of years ago after the salesman in the Carrollton, GA store outright refused to sell me a phone at full price so that I could keep my grandfathered plan. While I do have to keep an eye on my data, it’s never really been a problem and I haven’t looked back.

Anyway, as of tomorrow, February 13th, Verizon will again be offering an unlimited* data plan for $80 a month. Not too bad actually. Unfortunately they are saying that customers that use over 22GB of data in a month will have their connection throttled in case of network connected.  I guess that’s like alternative news. Alternative unlimited.

You can also add a connected device, such as a tablet or the Wear 24, for an extra $5 a month.

The other thing is that Verizon is calling this an “introductory plan” so I’m not sure how that will effect existing customers. You can get more information at Verizon.

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