Verizon Offers Unlimited Data Plan

Hell has officially frozen over. I ditched Verizon a couple of years ago after the salesman in the Carrollton, GA store outright refused to sell me a phone at full price so that I could keep my grandfathered plan. While I do have to keep an eye on my data, it’s never really been a…Read more

Goodbye AT&T

Since 2005 or so I have always paid full price for my phone, but normally I purchased them from my provider. In the long run it’s much cheaper because you aren’t paying finance charges. From ’99 until maybe three years ago I was with Verizon and grandfathered in the unlimited data plan as long as…Read more

Internet Freedom Preservation Act

In 2006, your voice helped stop mighty phone and cable companies from gutting Net Neutrality. In 2007, you pried open their cell phone networks and gave users a choice.
This year, we’re going to stop Internet blocking and censorship once and for all.

Untitled post

I suppose it’s time to start getting ready for work. I got up early to write some paid reviews, but ended up surfing the damn web. I wrote a few posts for another site completely unrelated to making money but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t look like my manager with the…Read more