Android Remote Control

Seems like such a simple thing. I’ve been trying to find an app that would let me remote control my Nexus 6 and my Nexus wall-mounted tablet from my PC. Not as easy as you might thing. I checked out VNC first simply because I’ve used it before. No go unless you are rooted. Then…Read more

Google Cardboard

A couple of weeks ago I gave in and ordered a Google Cardboard kit. If you aren’t familiar with it, cardboard is the VR headset that you can make out of… You guessed it, cardboard. Well, a few other things as well. You can find directions on how to make it here as well as…Read more

Vera 3 Review Part I

So a few months back my old laptop that ran Homeseer, my home automation software, finally died. I’ve used it for quite a long time and mostly ignored it. I’ve been running Homeseer for about 13 years now and ported my setup from a couple different PCs but always managed to save my configuration through…Read more