Cher at Caesar’s Palace

It’s kind of funny that I came across this a little while ago since I was writing about Vegas and getting kicked OUT OF Caesar’s Palace in 1987. The thing is, although I was 18 (almost 19), I had no valid ID. Heck, I didn’t even bother getting a driver’s license until I was 20…Read more

Custom Photo Cards

I am pretty awful about sending cards when it’s time for people’s birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc…I am much better at sending emails and thank you notes that way. I don’t think it’s the cards that I have a hard time sending, it’s just about anything in an envelope for some reason. I pay 99% of…Read more


I enjoy what I do on the web but make no mistake about it. I don’t consider myself a serious writer. I suppose if I were to take the time to reteach myself the rules of grammar and then find something that would catch the audience’s (YOUR!) attention, then I might be able to write…Read more

The Last Sitting

As much as I’ve been reading and hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s now famous photo shoot with Bert Stern (the photographer that did Marylin’s last photo shoot) you would have thought she hosted Jesus at the last supper. And why? It’s a poor imitation of an extremely sensual set of photos. You can check out Lohan’s…Read more

I Don’t Want To Grow Up!

When I went to shows more often back in my teens, up until I hit about thirty, quite often a band would tour and I just wouldn’t get to see them. The first big tour that Metallica did in the southeast was opening for Ozzy Osbourne. I caught that show in Knoxville, TN. I think I’ve even posted about meeting the band and road tripping to that show.

HTPC Equipment

I’ve been looking at home theater equipment again in preparation for setting my HTPC back up. I had to put it off right before Christmas so we could pay for the Marine to come home for the holidays. There always seems to be something else that needs to be paid for. I already have most…Read more