In 45 Days I Will Be Here…


I had almost forgotten to post about it but that last review I did on Costa Rica real estate reminded me.

I booked our flights to Nassau, the Bahamas this morning prior to going to work. I start my vacation on February 14th and I was actually looking for flight information to Key West but after looking around several sites as well as Clark Howard’s (one of my heroes) I discovered that I could fly to Nassau cheaper than I could to Key West. WTF is up with that?

I don’t have a passport or anything and the wife’s is  long expired so I sent off for our birth certificates (actually she did) this morning and I should have them back by the end of the week. Tomorrow morning I will get my passport photos done and then send off for them prior to the end of the week. It’s kind of expensive but you can get expedited passport delivery in something like three weeks. That should give me a couple of weeks to spare.

This is Atlantis, one of the resorts down there…


I don’t know that we will stay there but it’s one of the places I have been looking at.

My natural instincts are to get something cheap and deal with that but there are a couple of the all-inclusive resort deals that look interesting. All food, alcohol, activities and gratuities for one price. Not too bad. I am looking forward to the trip as I have never been outside of the United States. Might as well make the first trip to the Caribbean. First I have to deal with the down side though…

What’s the down side you ask?

Getting there.

I would just as soon drive to Miami and then take a cruise to Nassau but since we are going in the middle of February the wife is going to have to take an extra day off of work as it is. We are somewhat limited on time.


As I said at the top, I booked our flights this morning.

I hate flying.

The last time I flew was in February 2006 when I went down to the Gulf Coast to work for a week in one of our restaurants.

I hate flying.

I may ask my doctor for a couple of valium just so that I can make the flight. Maybe not Valium, but something else to tranquilize my paranoid ass so that I can make the two and a half hour fucking flight over the middle of nothing but sharks.

Did you know that hitting the water from 30,000 feet is just like hitting cement?

It may be safer to fly than to drive but at least when I am driving I am in control and can pull the fuck over.

It’s not even a matter of facing your fears. I have faced my fear of flying before and every time I do it again it’s worse.

Anybody have any tips?

I don’t want to get so drunk that I’m chasing dwarves around the airport or anything, they might throw my ass out before I ever get on the plane.

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5 throughts on "In 45 Days I Will Be Here…"

  1. Enjoy yourself.I’ve been there. Paradise Island in the best place to stay and it’s clean and so pretty. Do yourself a huge favor if your staying in Nassau and sounds like you are. Carry your wallet in your front pocket. If your wife carries a purse she may want to buy herself a fanny pack that goes around the waist. Pick pockets are terrible and what ever you do don’t wonder off to far from the main market areas.

  2. I appreciate the advice. I do have a wallet that I occasionally carry in my front pocket so am already used to that. I’m looking forward to the trip and yes we are staying in Nassau. I haven’t booked the rooms yet but we may end up staying at one of the resorts on Paradise Island.

  3. Cool hotel, I think there was a WPT there, I think Cosa Rica continues to amaze me, last time I used to do all the bookings.

    The guy is alright he pretty much made everything for me except paying for the thing. the vacation went smoothly.

    I would love to go to that hotel… or at least to the tropical Costa Rica again that means more work and no fun for some time

  4. You’d think he’d just hide the bag… throwing objects out the window when followed by the cops isn’t very conspicuous. But yeah, unless he’s cutting a golf course 24/7, that kind of income ain’t gonna happen.

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