RealTravel Travel Blog

With all of the writing I do on occasion about destinations I’ve been to, want to go to or only wish I could get to, I hit the occasional travel blog to see what other peoples experiences have been. RealTravel travel blog is a fairly informative blog that I like to go to. They have some well written pieces about all sorts of destinations and I enjoy visiting occasionally.

One of the first things that I usually look for after checking out a couple of photographs is how long the site has been around. I want to know that these folks really have an interest in what they are writing about and with RealTravel travel blog there are several hundred posts which means that they just didn’t throw up a website with a couple of posts and a few ads to make a quick buck. They are in it for the long haul and WANT me to read about these places.

What do I like reading most over there? The Florida Keys and Hawaii of course 🙂 That’s pretty much a no-brainer if you’ve been reading here for any amount of time. I have started setting a bit of money aside this time. I REALLY want to go down to the keys in January or February and when our 20th anniversary rolls around Memorial Day weekend next year I am planning a trip to Hawaii finally. Actually it will be a couple of weeks after Memorial Day because school won’t be out until after that, or at least the teachers won’t and I of course never have holidays off. Anyway, I will probably be doing quite a bit of reading at the travel blog as well as other sites between now and then. I only wish I could DRIVE to Hawaii as I hate flying with a passion.