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I suppose it’s time to start getting ready for work. I got up early to write some paid reviews, but ended up surfing the damn web. I wrote a few posts for another site completely unrelated to making money but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

It doesn’t look like my manager with the three broken toes is coming to work until Wednesday at the earliest. Needless to say I am not particularly impressed with the asshat.

I’m starting to look around at the different smartphones in preparation to upgrading at the end of October. That’s when my “new every two” is in effect and I can probably get a deal as well if I go in to the store rather than ordering online as I have done in the past. It looks like the successor to the Verizon XV6700, the XV6800 is supposed to come out in October and I am seriously considering upgrading to it.

The pond is finished, and I will have some photos of it scheduled to post later in the day.