…and that is a lot of folks at the stores are going to be doing some serious hating on me next week. Not a fucking one was in uniform in either of the two stores that I went into today and I am sure that the other one is just as bad. The first one I stopped at there were three waitresses and a cook. The cook was in uniform, except she had her apron folded down in some sort of halfway thing leaving her nasty assed shirt showing. None of the waitresses had hats or head scarves on, which is a health department violation and one of them had a ring through her fucking lip. Oh hell no. This is going to be interesting.

The other one I stopped in at had two waitresses and a cook. They were all sitting on their asses at the low counter with no hats or aprons when I came in and one of them didn’t have a name tag. Both of the stores were shitholes as far as cleanliness goes. I think I will be hiring several new employees over the next few weeks.