Here’s a couple of photos I took while in Beaufort and Parris Island…

Family Day - Parris Island 104.jpg

That first one is just a tree (duh) full of Spanish Moss right outside the All Weather Training Facility on Parris Island.

Family Day - Parris Island 237.jpgThis was shot while leaving Parris Island on Thursday. Quite a bit of the area around the barrier islands in South Carolina is marsh and swamp. Looks like there was some kind of picnic area. If I had not been on such a tight schedule (and with kids) I would have stopped at several of these and taken a bunch more photographs.

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 312.jpgThis is a shot of the Bay in Beaufort from the waterfront area. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, after Labor Day it seems to turn into a ghost town and we had the entire area pretty much to ourselves.