The Girls

A couple of pictures I took of the girls on Family Day on Parris Island.

Family Day - Parris Island 094.jpg
Family Day - Parris Island 098.jpg

Both of these were taken in front of the Douglas Visitor’s Center.

4 throughts on "The Girls"

  1. A strange story all around. She was obviously a disturbed girl, but I hate to admit that I’m always leery when I see what appears to be an overly religious family. Who knows what really went on in that household….

  2. Okay don’t disrespect I went to Becky’s funeral and this is a sad story. Y’all need to back off and mind your own business, the family is having trouble as is. Their family can barely handle it and you guys publish it as “she brought the hammer down” that is NOT AT ALL funny. So what they were religious it made them a better family, and had nothing to do with Heather.

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