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    I wrote last week about the bodies found in Carnation, Washington. The property owner’s daughter and her boyfriend are being charged in the murders of all six.

    Michelle Anderson and her boyfriend Joseph McEnroe slaughtered her parents, her brother and sister-in-law and their children on Christmas Eve. After slaughtering their parents Joseph McEnroe apologized to the two young children before shooting both in the head. Apparently they shot the children because they were afraid that they were going to turn them in.

    andersonmcenroe Anderson and McEnroe drove toward Canada and then turned toward Oregon before deciding to come back and pretend to discover the bodies, which had been discovered already. According to CNN, when they arrive Wednesday the investigators were already there and began questioning them when neither member of the couple asked what had happened at the scene.

    According to Barry O’Regan King County prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty for the pair.

    Killing’s too good for the pair. I firmly believe that anyone is capable of murder in the right circumstances even if it’s just a case of self-defense, but the slaughter of innocent children is unforgivable. Too bad being drawn and quartered is considered cruel and unusual because this pair deserves no less.

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    According to KIRO in Seattle, at least six people have died in a rural area about 21 Miles east of Seattle. The house itself is located in Carnation and is located at the end of a dirt road.

    Authorities aren’t specifying how they died but they have towed a pickup truck for evidence.

    According to KIRO the site of the slayings was complex and they expect to be at the scene for several hours.

    I came across the story itself stopping in at CNN, where they had reported earlier that three people have died but just sent out a breaking news alert that the body count had gone up to six.

    Apparently detectives were searching nearby properties in the area but would not say why. They are also looking for a suspect in particular but are not sure if that person is among the dead or not.

    According to CNN the bodies were discovered at around 8 AM by someone who knows the family that lives in the isolated house. Police have stated that there are at least two adults and a child but I don’t know about the other three, and they are saying that the deaths are homicide.

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    According to this article over at CNN (seems I have been hanging out there a lot lately) the investigation of Natalee Holloway is not closed but has entered a new phase as four detectives assigned to the case continue to look for evidence. Regardless of what happened or who killed Natalee (if indeed she is dead as I and most people assume) the family needs some kind of closure as does the Aruban people. Exactly how much do they trust their own authorities if they can’t even prosecute the killers of one girl?


    Hans Mos stated that the charges were dropped against

    Joran van der Sloot and the two Kalpoe brothers, Deepak and Satish not because they don’t have a case but because they couldn’t be sure of a conviction. If they were to be prosecuted and then the case were to be dismissed, because of double jeopardy (as in our laws) they couldn’t be tried again. It actually makes sense to make sure that they have all of their ducks in a row before they go for a conviction. Then again, they could just be assigning the four detectives to a never-ending case just to appease the traveling public.

    The decision not to prosecute doesn’t mean “there is not a file in which these three people are primary persons of interest,

    We believe justice will prevail one day, but we cannot force that right now.

    Hans Mos

    Some of the conflicting statements from the three young men include the fact that the Kalpoes told police that they dropped Holloway and van der Sloot off near a lighthouse on the northern tip of the island. Joran van der Sloot’s mother says that he told her he was on the beach with Natalee but left her there because she wanted to stay. If you will recall, during the interrogation of Joran van der Sloot he initially told police that Natalee Holloway wanted to go to the north side of the island to see sharks (interesting only in the fact that it was dark and you wouldn’t see shit, but if she were drunk the fact that it was dark wouldn’t matter), but later on said that ‘at no time did Natalee ask to go to the north side of Aruba and then later said that the idea of going to the lighthouse was his?

    Anyway, the good thing is that under Aruban law criminal prosecution is possible until the punishable acts become too old. For voluntary manslaughter that is six years and for homicide it’s twelve.

    From FOX News last night:

    Starting to ramble now. For other recent stories and developments:

    Seems to be a bit of a recurring theme lately :)

    I just found this video from the AP concerning comments that one of the three suspects made in an Internet chat room concerning Natalee Holloway

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    Apparently one piece of the ‘new’ evidence (according to reports) that prosecutor’s used to justify the re-arrest of the three suspects in the Natalee Holloway case was a bit of chat log retrieved from the computer hard drive belonging to one of them. In the chat, one of the suspects said ‘The fact that she’s dead is not good’, referring to Holloway.

    There was no further discussion of Holloway’s death or how she died. Other evidence included two new witnesses but they were only witnesses as far as the behavior of the suspects after Holloway’s disappearance, not of the deed itself.

    One other piece of evidence included a conversation about what happened that night after the authorities bugged the Kalpoe home.

    So, apparently that one report at FOX News was right in that Hans Mos did an interview today but wrong in the fact that they have closed the case barring any new evidence.

    What gets me is the fact that it is an admission that they know she is dead and had something, no matter how small, to do with it, yet are now just considered persons of interest in the case since they refused to talk to the prosecution.

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    According to CNN, the suspected killer in the murder of online model and so-called ‘secret porn star’ Emily Sander/Zoey Zane has been arrested in Mexico. According to the United States Marshal’s service, Israel Mireles was arrested in Melchor Muzquiz, Mexico, which is southwest of Texas on a homicide warrant from Butler County. Mireles is being held in a Mexican jail until he can be extradited to the United States.

    Sander was last seen alive on November 23rd after she left an El Dorado bar with a man identified as Mireles.

    There is no word so far on whether Victoria Martens was with Mireles or not when he was arrested.

    If you want to read more on the Sander case you can find related entries here.

    Updated at 10:45PM, here is a bit of video from the AP…


    Another Update – 10:50 PM According to this report from Newscom Victoria Martens was found unharmed and in good health. Still don’t know if she will be charged as an accessory or not.



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    This Weeks Hero Was Suggested By Leo


    SSgt. Mike Mills
    SSgt. Mike Mills
    On June 14, 2005 SSgt. Mike Mills’s life was forever changed. The HETT(Heavy Equipment Transport System) he was riding in was hit by an IED. The attack resulted a cracked clavicle and scapula bones, dislocate shoulder, broken left hip, 4 out of 5 bones broken in his foot and being set on fire. The driver in the truck behind him ran with a cooler of melted ice which he threw on Sgt. Mills to put him out.
    He spent three months in the Brooks Army Medical Center at Ft. Sam Houston, TX with the injuries listed above plus 2nd, 3rd and deep tissue burns to 31% of the left side of his body. The first thing he remembers thinking after the attack was that his soldiers needed him and he needed to get back to them.
    “Then the guilt set in about what I did to my family. I’ve totally screwed that up. Look at me, no don’t. I look hideous. How can I face my kids looking like this. They’ll be embarrassed to be seen with me. What if they won’t love me anymore? Speaking of love, my wife, oh my god. How can I expect her to stay with me. I’m not a man anymore. She’s not going to want be intimate with a freak. What if I can’t work, how do I support myself, my family.
    I had the nightmares and couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t eating and was loosing weight. I didn’t really care. If I didn’t start eating, they where going to put the feeding tube back in. Who cares, I’ve totally screwed up my life anyways.”
    But he found out just how much is wife loved him, when she stood by his side throughout the entire ordeal. She was there for every wound dressing and even learned how to change the dressings herself.
    SSgt. Mike Mills now runs the site For The Veteran… By A Veteran in which he helps veterans, soldiers and their families find information they may not have been given after their medical discharge or retirement.
    Some may say that Mike gave his country more than enough when he was severely maimed by an IED on that fateful day of June 14, 2005, but Mike continues to give to his fellow servicemen, as well as to his nation!

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero. We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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    I had one of the readers send me a link yesterday afternoon that contradicts the story over at CNN that I had mentioned, wherein the lead prosecutor said that they were closing the case and not going to charge the three suspects in the Natalee Holloway case. Somehow I missed it yesterday evening.

    According to FOX News, despite the report yesterday in which everyone said the case has been closed, Aruban officials have NOT closed their investigation into the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway. The media liaison for Hans Mos dismissed the earlier report and said that a press conference was scheduled for Thursday that will reveal new evidence against the three young men last seen with Holloway.

    Damn, they need to make up their minds…Seeing is believing so I guess I will just wait until Thursday and see what there is to see.

    Thanks for the link, Loral.

    Here is the original report from about 2:45 yesterday afternoon.

    I am not sure what time the FOX story was posted at this point in time.

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    CNN is reporting that none of the three suspects in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway are going to be charged. The prosecutor in the case, Hans Mos, said that there isn’t enough evidence to take the case to trial. WTF? Just weeks ago they all kinds of new evidence and evidence that had been analyzed incorrectly that he said was sure to prove that they had killed Natalee Holloway and now all of a sudden there is none?

    According to the prosecutor’s office the new evidence had consisted gathering advanced techniques used to re-examine cell phone records and text message exchanged the night that Holloway disappeared. Mos said last month that the evidence would show that Holloway is dead although her body has not been found.

    According to Scared Monkeys, Aruba was warned by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) about having to heavy a dependence on tourism. Wonder how this news is going to affect their tourism now?


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    A Cuban television news anchor read a letter on the air today from Fidel Castro that promises not to cling to office or impede the rise of new younger leaders according to this report on CNN.

    The letter says that…

    My basic duty is not to cling to office, much less to obstruct the rise of younger people, but to pass on experiences and ideas whose modest value arises from the exceptional era in which I lived
    Fidel Castro

    What is left unsaid is that if you don’t vote for the man that Fidel wants your ass will be jailed or worse for being a traitor to the regime.

    I went to check out my source for anything related to Castro and Cuba, Babalu Blog and all he really has up right now is a link to the FOX News story which doesn’t say a whole hell of a lot either. Right now we are all just left hanging in the wind wondering if this means that he will be retiring, when, and what power he will wield afterward. I just don’t see him handing the reigns of power completely over to anyone that isn’t his puppet.

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    This Week’s Hero Was Suggested By Louie


    Bill Juneau
    36 years old from Rush City, Minnesota
    November 27, 2007
    If there was one thing Bill Juneau loved as much as his country, it was his dog, Jake.
    The accident-prone black Lab, who has been hit by two cars, had a toe amputated on his right paw and survived eating 42 candy bars in one sitting, once fell off a dock and through the ice on a lake while Juneau was hunting with his best friend, Dan Bock.
    Bock said Juneau jumped into the icy, chest-deep water to save his dog.
    “He threw that wet dog on the deck and sacrificed everything to save him,” said Bock. “Bill’s just that type of guy.”
    Juneau, a 10 year veteran of the Chisago County sheriff’s deputy, was in Iraq helping to train Iraqi police recruits when his convoy was hit by and IED 50 miles outside Baghdad. A spokesperson for DynCorp, the private firm Juneau was working for, said Juneau was driving the lead vehicle in the large convoy that included U.S. Army personnel as well as members of the Iraqi National Police Force. The convoy was headed for a scheduled training mission. An Iraqi translator and a U.S. Army soldier sustained injuries in the blast as well.
    His twin sister, Bridget Sura, said he wanted to help Iraqis rebuild their country and create better lives. “He would often sugar-coat the bad stuff, because he wanted us to know about the positive things,” she said. “But we still worried every minute of every day.” Another reason he joined was because he loved adventure, she said. While with the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department, he started and led the country’s SWAT team.
    Jake, his dog, has been embraced by Juneau’s sister’s family. “He has more lives than a cat,” Sura said, adding that they recently discovered a chocolate stash he’d hidden in his kennel.
    “Jake is a part of my brother,” she said. “He[Bill] will be missed by a lot of people. This will leave a hole in a lot of people’s hearts.”

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

     We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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    The right reverend Al Sharpton today denounced reports of an investigation into his 2004 presidential bid and suggested that federal authorities were retaliating against him for his civil rights advocacy.

    Civil rights advocacy?

    Al Sharpton is the biggest fucking racist in this country aside from his ‘brother’ Jesse Jackson. They are both a pair of race-baiting haters that wait until they have been out of the news for a couple of months and then jump in with something else calling everyone else racists and bigots. Like now.

    According to CNN as many as ten Sharpton associates were subpoenaed on Wednesday to testify before a federal grand jury in Brooklyn on December 26th. Hey, isn’t that when Kwanzaa starts? I don’t guess they will be making it to the grand jury or will find some way to get out of it between now and then. All of my personal pissiness aside, the grand jury probably could have picked a better date for that shit, like after January 1st. If they were to summon my ass on December 24th I would be pretty pissed off.

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    A couple accused of beating their toddler to death, tucking her into a plastic box and dumping it into Galveston Bay were indicted Wednesday on charges of capital murder.

    Why is it that if you want to adopt a kid you have to take classes, go through background checks, and pay out craploads of money but it’s OK for pieces of shit like this to go around popping out children at will? I have this one dude that has worked for me off and on for 13 years or so, except for stints in jail. He has six children by six different mothers and he is with none of them. Maybe I should give him a box of condoms for Christmas.
    Prosecutors said they have not decided whether to seek the death penalty against the girl’s mother, Kimberly Dawn Trenor and her husband, Royce Clyde Zeigler II. Personally I think they should be tucked, alive, into plastic boxes and launched into Galveston Bay with web cams that broadcast to all of the DFACS offices so that all of the other child bearing fools out there can be forced to watch what happens to child killing fools. That or maybe just take them up to about 30k feet and throw their asses out of an airplane into the bay. If they survive, then so be it. Why the taxpayers in Texas should be forced to pay for their incarceration is beyond me.
    Since the initial charges were filed last month the investigation has continued and police have kept gathering evidence. Based on the evidence the grand jury was asked tp upgrade the charges to capital murder. A three hour hearing was held in which the jury heard testimony from five witnesses including police and FBI investigators and the medical examiner. The jury deliberated for three minutes before coming to their decision. Good for the grand jury. ‘Are they Guilty? Yeah, let’s go get a beer and hang their asses!’ Texas law at it’s finest. We need more of it around the country.
    According to Trenor’s lawyer, Riley An Sawyer was killed by her step-father for failing to say ‘please’ and ‘yes, sir’. The lawyer also said that Zeigler was overwhelmed by his sudden fatherhood and didn’t know what to expect from a toddler. Is this supposed to be some kind of excuse? Hell, I was overwhelmed by fatherhood and had a beer (maybe two). You deal with it as it comes.
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    As I mentioned over the weekend prosecutors are pretty likely to close the Natalee Holloway case at the end of the year if the body is not found between now and then. CBS News’ Julie Chen interviewed the Holloway’s attorney John Q. Kelly.

    Does this mean that the case is over forever and everyone is just going home? No, her father is still enroute in a search ship where they are going to be looking in areas that have not been searched yet. Even if the body were to turn up several months or years from now the case could be reopened. It just means that the Aruban government will quit expending time and money on the case. Regardless of what I and others think about how they have handled it, Aruba has expended quite a bit of time and money in this investigation.

    I think that I would not have made it in the United States
    Joran van der Sloot

    Amigoe has an article up about Joran and his release as does Scared Monkeys. In all actuality, even though the Aruban government may have made a few blunders early on I doubt very seriously that he would have even been jailed a second time in the U.S. considering our court system. The outcome would not have been so much different than it is now, particularly without a body.

    Scared Monkeys seems to think that there was a cover up in the case. I don’t know about that but they have certainly been much closer to the case and the people involved over the last two years. They had an interview with Jossy Mansur, the managing editor of Diario recently, who offers the same opinion and is planning a new investigation into the details.

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    Michael Vick at one point was one of the highest paid players in the NFL until he blew it with the dog-fighting deal. He turned himself in early last month and began serving his time even though he had not been sentenced at that point.

    This really isn’t a post to recap everything that happened. I was just pretty pissed off when I read the article over at CNN. The part that really disgusts me is that several people sent letters in support of Vick, including Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and Hank Aaron. I expect that kind of crap out of Shirley girl but Hank Aaron? That dude used to be one of my heroes and the fact that he can throw his support behind Michael Vick is disgusting.

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    The title of this article at CNN pisses me off almost as much as the deed itself. Basically what happened is the Carlos Huerta, a senior at Loyola Marymount University in California for making threats at Juicy Campus, more of a message board than a blog.

    The message Huerta is suspected of posting was that he was going to shoot and kill as many people as possible before being killed himself by police. They certainly need to take it seriously, but leave it to the main stream media to call this moron a ‘blogger’ and put bloggers everywhere in a bad light. Just because someone posts messages on the Internet does not make them a blogger any more than the fact that I build my own computers makes me a PC manufacturer. Fucking idiots.

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    Friday Aruba’s chief prosecutor Hans Mos said that they will most likely close the case of the missing teenager Natalee Holloway by the end of the year unless his office finds that there is enough evidence to charge someone with a major crime. Mos said that he wouldn’t comment on the type of evidence that the prosecutor’s office is reviewing but that he does not anticipate finding Natalee Holloway’s remains and prosecuting a case is going to be extremely hard without said remains, which pretty much throws it back in the lap of Natalee Holloway’s father who is to be searching in deep sea areas for her remains.

    We promised the suspects that after December 31, we will not pursue the case, This investigation should end at a certain point.
    Hans Mos

    According to CNN, Holloway’s parents did not return multiple messages left at their homes and on cell phones.

    Mos said that he and the Holloway family feel pursuing a minor charge would not serve any kind of purpose. Under Aruban law a person convicted of making a body disappear would only server six months in jail.

    There is always the tiniest chance that her father along with Texas Equusearch will find the body, at which point the case could be pursued. I, along with many other people, would really like to know what happened.

    Commenter Grace made a point a few days ago in that we are all stupid enough to believe that  a person is innocent until proven guilty, except in Aruba. She is from Ottumwa, Iowa (according to her IP address) but in comments discusses Aruba and some things that go on there as if she is extremely familiar with the island and it’s inhabitants. She has been defending Joran endlessly in the murder/disappearance and pointing at the Kalpoe brothers.

    It very well may be that he had nothing to do with it but the fact is that he has made several different conflicting stories and statements and it’s very clear that even if he didn’t do the deed he knows who did and what happened and that would make him an accessory, at least under our law. If you walk like a duck and quack like a duck you damn sure ain’t a pig.

    The search for Natalee Holloway has spanned two and a half years and involved hundreds of volunteers, Aruban soldiers, FBI agents and even F-16s laden with search equipment. Prosecutors in Aruba do not anticipate ever finding Holloway’s remains.

    Wyatt Earp over at Support Your Local Gunfighter feels like Hans Mos is not taking the feelings of Natalee’s parents under consideration and that they are not showing any respect for Holloway or her family. I don’t think it’s so much the prosecutor’s office as it is the fact that if they chose to press charges they would end up losing the case, as shown by the fact that at least four different judges felt that the three suspects should be freed last week. I am all for prosecuting them but the fact remains that as Joran van der Sloot’s father told him two years ago, you can’t be convicted without a body.

    Mad Cow calls the Aruban authorities are incompetent and wonders if they will ever be held accountable.


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    Omaha’s Westroads Mall reopened today with extra security. Westroads mall is the mall in Omaha, Nebraska where Robert Hawkins killed eight people earlier in the week before turning his gun on himself. The Von Maur store, where the killings took place, still has not reopened.
    There is a makeshift memorial of flowers, notes and poems that cover around two thirds of the bottom steps of the entrance that gunman Robert Hawkins used when he entered the store.
    There may have been some other issues that led to the shootings. According to CNN:

    Hawkins was a troubled teenager who spent four years in a series of treatment centers, group homes and foster care after threatening to kill his stepmother in 2002. He had recently broken up with a girlfriend and lost his job at a McDonald’s.

    “I’ve just snapped. I can’t take this meaningless existence anymore I’ve been a constant disappointment and that trend would have only continued,” he wrote in a suicide note left at the suburban house where he lived.

    Some who knew Hawkins in suburban Bellevue said Friday that they tried to warn police about his recent behavior.

    Kevin Harrington, who lived nearby, said he contacted police a month ago to report his and other parents’ concerns that Hawkins and his friends had easy access to guns and sold drugs.

    Apparently Harrington told Bellevue Police a month ago that one of Hawkins’ friends had offered to sell Valium to his 13 year old son and that Hawkins had once shot at a car during a bad drug deal.

    We told them about the drugs, we told them about the guns, and nothing was done
    Kevin Harrington

    The Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska was at the Westroads Mall today greeting shoppers today. He says the mall is safe and extra security guards will be on duty.
    The Hawkins family released a statement through Reverand Mark Miller of Faith Presbyterian Church in which they said they hope the community can heal.

    The Hawkins family extends its sincerest condolences to all those impacted by this senseless and horrible event,” the statement read. “While no words can ease the pain and grief, our family prays that at some time, in some way, our community can be healed in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy.

    Hawkins had been in a state-mandated psychiatric care in the summer of 2006 after four years of treatment and counseling, and walked away not because he was prepared to face society on his own but because they felt that there was nothing left to offer him that he was going to respond to.
    During the time in which he was a ward of the state, Hawkins was diagnosed with depression, attention deficit disorder, impulsiveness, hyperactivity and a disorder characterized by negativity and hostility toward authority figures. He was convicted of third-degree assault as well as for offering to sell drugs at school.
    Omaha police released two suicide notes yesterday as well as a will that were written before going on his shooting rampage. One of the notes is insulting to the people that he killed.

    In a related incident a friend of Robert Hawkins allegedly threatened a Bellevue family on Thursday after their teenage daughter posted uncomplimentary comments on the Internet about Hawkins. The friend was ticketed for misdemeanor intimidation using a cell phone and disturbing the peace based on cell phone text messages and a posting on MySpace.
    Another friend of Hawkins’, David Horvath was arrested on suspicion of making terroristic threats on Thursday and was taken to the Sarpy County Juvenile Justice Center where he was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation to determine whether he is a threat to himself or others. The Juvenile court has ordered him to remain in juvenile detention pending the outcome of the evaluation. His parents will be paying for the evaluation and a second hearing is scheduled for next week.
    Apparently Kevin Harrington, whom I mentioned above, is the father of the girl who was threatened in both cases. His daughter, Shelby said that Hawkins had threatened to kill her two or three weeks ago after he and some friends had accused her of stealing things from Hawkins’ car.
    As usual the anti-NRA morons are coming out of the woodwork…
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    Chilling surveillance images that were released yesterday show a shaggy haired Robert Hawkins taking aim at holiday shoppers and his hand-written suicide not offers compassion for his friends and family but only contempt for his victims.

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    An Aruban judge ordered the release of Joran van der Sloot earlier today. This could possibly end any hopes for prosecutions in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in 2005.

    The other suspects, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe have already been released and prosecutors decided not to appeal the decision of the judge today in light of the denied appeal that a three judge panel turned down earlier this week.
    The judges reasons for freeing Van der Sloot followed along the same lines as the previous decision about the Kalpoes, that the prosecution had not brought any new significant information that would incriminate the suspects in the murder/disappearance of Natalee Holloway.
    The prosecution will announce before the end of the year whether that will proceed to try the three suspects in the case.

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    The Omaha Police released this statement yesterday evening on the mall shooting which killed nine people including the shooter and injured five others. The shootings took place inside the Von Maur department store at Westroads Mall in Omaha.

    Police Chief Thomas Warren called the shootings premeditated but did say that they appeared to be randomly selected and unprovoked.

    Rather than his mother, it was Hawkins’ landlord, Debora Kovac that found the suicide note at 1pm, just a few minutes prior to the shootings.

    He basically said how sorry he was for everything. He didn’t want to be a burden to people and that he was a piece of shit all of his life and that now he’d be famous.
    Debora Maruca Kovac

    The shootings began at 1:42pm and police responded within six minutes.

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    A three-member panel of Aruban judges ruled today that the two brothers who have been arrested more than once in the Natalee Holloway case should remain free, which may mean trouble in the investigation into the disappearance of teenager Natalee Holloway. The panel turned down a request from prosecutors to reverse the decision of a judge made last week in the case against the two brothers.

    The panel of judges said that the case against Deepak and Satish Kalpoe fails to show whether or not Natalee Holloway died as the result of a crime. The trouble that prosecutors may have now is the fact that Joran van der Sloot may not be able to be held as well. Van der Sloot was slated to have a hearing on Friday but at a request from defense attorneys he will get his hearing tomorrow, Thursday December 6th.

    The decision of the court in this matter is final and does not allow for further appeals but it does not stop further investigation or prosecution later.

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    A gunman opened fire from the balcony of a shopping mall in Omaha Nebraska today and shot several people. At least five people have been shot according to witnesses and local media. One witness still inside the mall said that two people were dead and nine wounded, shot at random by a man with a rifle on a third floor balcony.

    President Bush gave an address in Omaha this morning but he had already left the city several hours before the shootings occurred.

    According to CNN, nine were killed including a man thought to be the gunman, who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    A spokesperson for the Omaha Police Department, Sgt. Teresa Negron, said during an official announcement that nine people have died from their wounds and two people are in critical condition. The shooter is deceased and his body had not been removed from the crime scene at that point.

    9:11pm – here’s a bit of raw video from KMTV in Omaha, Nebraska…

    After the shooting Police locked down the shopping center while they searched for the gunman.

    Updated 9:59pm -


    The Police have identified the shooter as Robert A. Hawkins. He was believed to be about 19 or 20 and apparently his mother found a suicide not in his home that said he wanted to ‘go out in style’.


    A shot from the front of Westroads Mall in Omaha, where the shootings took place.

    This is the fourth mall shooting this year that I am aware of including shootings in Salt Lake City, Kansas City and the attempted robbery that took place at the mall about 20 miles from me in Douglasville, Georgia.

    CBS affiliate KMTV had this report on the shooting earlier today. The video is acting sort of funny, at least on my end, most likely due to heavy traffic on their server. Hopefully that will clear itself up later this evening.

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    This Week’s Hero Was Suggested By Mark Bell


    Marty and Sue Horn Go to AnySoldier.com  Go to TreatAnySoldier.com

    Born in Philadelphia, Marty Horn spent 20 years in the Army as a Military Policeman, retiring in 1993 and going to work in Internet technologies. In 2003, his son Brian Horn deployed to Iraq. Trying to support their son’s unit, Marty and his wife Sue, who also served as in the Military Police, put together the concept of Any Soldier. In essence, Any Soldier is an effort to provide support and encouragement to those who are in harm’s way. Due to overwhelming requests for ready-made care packages on the AnySoldier.com site, Sue Horn started TreatAnySoldier.com.

    Using his background in Internet technologies, Marty built and maintains the web site. The Any Soldier program slowly expanded to include other Army units. In 2004, the program opened up to include all service branches.. In 2005, the websites for AnyMarine.com., AnySailor.com, AnyAirman.com, and AnyCoastguardsman.com were launched.

    In the words of the Any Soldier web site: “The success of Any Soldier has far exceeded expectations and continues to grow with the invaluable help and guidance of our supporters, board members and Support Team.”

    In the words of Marty Horn: “It is the supporters who deserve the credit.”

    Thanks to the efforts of Marty and Sue, their son Brian, and a dedicated staff, over 950,000 servicemen and women received support and encouragement they would never have been able to get through the Any Soldier program.

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero. We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your blog, you can go here.


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    According to what I read over at Scared Monkeys, Chief Aruban Prosecutor Hans Mos will appeal the decision of the judge that allowed the release of Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. The judge reviewing the case said that there are serious objections against them and although the evidence shows that they wiped out traces of a crime scene and possibly helped spirit a body away, that is not enough to hold them in custody.


    This is the same evidence that has extended Joran van der Sloot’s stay at the crossbar motel and which prosecutors are going to try and get him held for another 60 days later this week.

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