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    In April of 2006, Kevin Underwood lured his ten-year-old upstairs neighbor, Jamie Rose Bolin, into his apartment, hit her in the head with a cutting board, smothered her, sexually assaulted her dead body and almost cut her head off in his sick fantasy that his defense attorney attempted to blame on the anti-depressant Lexapro.
    According to Underwood’s video taped confession “I wanted to know what it tasted like (flesh), and just the thought of eating someone was appealing to me”.
    The video from the Associated Press on the trial is a few days old. After closing arguments the jury returned with a verdict within minutes. It probably took longer to pick a foreman than it did to decide the bastard’s guilt.

    The 28-year-old grocery bagger claimed that Internet pornography stoked his cannibalistic fantasies and didn’t show any kind of emotion when the verdict was announced.
    You know, I have perused quite a bit of Internet Pornography (Say it isn’t so!) and I’ve got to tell you, it has never stoked cannibalistic fantasies for me. Perhaps I’m just hanging out at the wrong web sites?
    Police found the girl’s body in a plastic tub in Underwood’s apartment in April of 2006. If you’ll remember, it was news for a short while because it was “another” murderer blogger. Steve Huff wrote about him (SubSpecies23 aka Kevin Fuller) a bit at his website as well as this story over at The Crime Library.

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    Updated 3/1/2008 – Just saw the report over at the same CNN link where Florida prosecutors are planning to seek the death penalty against Gary Michael Hilton even though he’s already serving a life sentence here in Georgia for the murder of Meredith Emerson.
    OK, so I know how it works in some states. You serve out your time in one and then get sent to the other to serve it there. How about Georgia and Florida? I really don’t know.
    If/when Florida convicts him will get just get shipped there automatically or will he have to serve out his ‘life’ sentence here and then get fried? It sure would be nice if they would just send his ass on down to Florida and save a couple of my tax dollars.


    I actually read this report at some point yesterday but in between trying not to smoke by eating candy and sleeping I haven’t really had much free time on my hands :)
    The Leon County Florida Grand Jury handed down indictments on Gary Michael Hilton, the man convicted in the kidnapping and murder of Meredith Emerson, for charges of murder, kidnapping and two counts of grand theft on Thursday related to the disappearance and murder of Cheryl Dunlap.

    Cheryl Dunlap’s body was found back in December southwest of Tallahassee in the Apilachicola National Forest and until Hilton was captured and quite a bit of evidence found police had pretty much hit a roadblock in the investigation.
    Investigators are aware that Hilton was in the Tallahassee area on December 1st because he ran into a forestry agent who ran his tag number through the police database according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Department. Although the grand jury has handed down the indictments, the investigation will continue. The police department are in no hurry to charge him because he is sitting in jail in Georgia and they want to make sure that they get an airtight case against him. Not that they are going to be able to find much of an impartial jury in this case.
    Hilton is also a suspect in the deaths of John and Irene Bryant who disappeared while hiking through the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina on October 21st of last year.
    So are these the only killings he’s been linked to? Hardly. The FBI hesitates before calling him a serial killer as he doesn’t quite fit the profile at his advanced age but all that really means is that he finally got caught. As retired FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt puts it; “This guy didn’t just fall off the turnip tuck and start doing this”.
    Pickens County South Carolina officials are waiting until North Carolina completes it’s investigation of Hilton before Pursuing him as a possible suspect in the abduction of Clemson University student Jason Knapp on Easter, ten years ago. Knapp’s fingerprints were on a ticket admitting him to Table Rock State Park.
    Hilton is also a suspect in Rossana Miliani’s disappearance in December 2005 in Bryson City, North Carolina. According to reports she was last seen with a white man in his sixties and appeared nervous to the witnesses.
    And Megan asks “what about Judith Bradford Smith”? After she left a comment here recently I did a bit of reading on Judith Smith. She disappeared in Philadelphia a few years back and the case took a weird turn when the skeleton turned up near Biltmore Estates. While what I have read doesn’t really seem to fit any of the characteristics of his other murders it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a look at Hilton in this unsolved case.
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    William F. Buckley was 82 years old and has been suffering from Emphysema for a few years, although right now the cause of death isn’t known. He was found dead in his house today, Wednesday February 27th.

    William F. Buckley founded the National Review in 1955 and is widely credited for the modern conservative movement. He was a very prominent voice in politics and wrote over 50 books in his life.

    Katie Couric with CBS News also had some comments on Buckley.

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    After a tearful speech to the jury, they handed down a recommendation of life in prison for the murder of Jesse Marie Davis and her unborn child.

    The jury recommended life and the judge added to that, sentencing him to the maximum of 57 years to life in prison. He’ll be 87 before he is even eligible for parole.

    What a waste of taxpayer’s money. Put the bastard out of our misery and expense and fry the asshole now.


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    Warren Jeffs has been handed over to the Arizona police to face charges that came out of arranging marriages of two teenage girls to older relatives. The so-called prophet of polygamy has already been convicted in Utah in connection with one of those cases involving a fourteen year old girl.

    The Arizona Attorney General is rightfully looking at this as a case of child abuse and there should not be exceptions under the law against this, even for religious reasons.

    If Jeffs is convicted in Arizona he will have to finish his two sentences of five years to life in Utah prior to doing his time in Arizona.


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    What’s up with this? I saw this story earlier today over at CNN. Apparently a couple of juvenile delinquents hid over night at Ashley Clark’s house, intending to steal the family car. The mother left for work in it, so instead of just leaving they stuck around and tortured the girl, who had just had brain surgery, for six hours.

    I can be insensitive and an idiot and as a teenager I was even worse, but something like this just would have been out of the question, no matter how stoned I was.

    They need to lock these two up and throw away the key.

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    Students at Northern Illinois University are back in class for the first time since the February 14th campus shooting that left six people dead including the shooter. Hundreds of volunteer counselors are on campus to help the students through their return.

    At least the bastard did us the favor of killing himself so the taxpayers don’t have to spend any money convicting him.

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    This was pretty horrible. I didn’t get home from work until late yesterday evening otherwise I would have posted this last night.
    Five people are dead including three children in a murder/suicide at a Condo across the street from the Richard Nixon Library according to police.

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    Several hundred people held a vigil last night in the same field where Brianna Denison’s body was found last week.

    According to CNN and a couple of other news sites I’ve stopped in at, pepper spray is a hot item in town right now. Doesn’t surprise me. I would think that guns would be another hot item. I don’t know what the personal carry laws are like in Reno but if I were a woman I wouldn’t be caught without one right now.
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    I just have to refrain from being extremely offensive on this I suppose. A black, gay, cross-dressing teenager? Holy cow, talk about being in a minority. Regardless of that, nobody deserves to get shot for the way they act and dress, well, except maybe for Britney Spears, but that’s a different story. Check out this story from MCT news service.

    I may be a bigot and have all kinds of hating thoughts in my head, but there’s just no call for that kind of behavior (the shooter’s). Hopefully they will catch the folks who did this and fix ‘em up. Make ‘em go to prison and wear dresses or something…

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    …or perhaps it was just a bad mistake on the murderer’s part.
    Police have found a pair of thongs in the same field where Brianna Denison’s body was located late last week. After testing they have found DNA from two different people on the underwear, that of the unknown rapist/murderer and an unknown female.
    Police don’t want to really speculate because it’s possible that the underwear are stolen or they may have belonged to a victim that has not yet come forward or can’t come forward. It’s possible that the man either inadvertently dropped the thong when he was dumping Brianna’s body, or it may be a horrible message to police that he’s committed yet another crime and the police haven’t found him.
    The underwear itself was a black thong with the head of the Pink Panther on it. Police are saying that it did not belong to Brianna Denison.

    Newscom also has the report up as well as CNN and other news outlets. From Newscom and Voxant:

    If I get the chance this evening I will try and update this entry as I get more information.
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    I finally arrived home around ten last night, five hours late, but more on that later. Because of the storms that passed through Georgia my cable TV and Internet was out for about fourteen hours which meant I couldn’t post at all. That was probably a blessing in disguise because knowing me I would have been up until three a.m. making up for lost time…
    Early Friday afternoon I received a link to this AP video that reported Briana Denison’s mother and uncle believed that the missing college student was still alive. At that point in time they had plans to process a backlog of 3,000 DNA samples in their search for her. It’s weird that this video was released at 4:13 p.m. which was about four hours AFTER the body was found. Of course at that time she may not have been identified but I find it hard to believe that her family had not been informed.

    I was browsing some headlines and came across this entry over at the Crime Scene Blog where they are reporting that Briana Denison has been found. Actually they found her body on Friday while I was in the Bahamas and out of the news loop, which is why I haven’t written anything about it over the weekend. Stephen McCaskill has this to say about it:

    On Friday the body of a young woman was found in a brush covered field near a business park in Reno, NV. Today an autopsy identified the body as that of 19-year-old Brianna Denison, who has been missing since January 19th, 2008. She had spent the night at a friend’s house and was discovered missing the morning of the 20th.
    The autopsy also reported the cause of death as strangulation. Her body had been in the field, which was just 8 miles from the home where she was kidnapped, for more than a week.

    Someone who works in the nearby busy industrial center noticed a body lying in the field on Friday and called the police to report it at 12:13 p.m. Reno police found the site six minutes later and cordoned off the area around the site, which is 2-3 acres.
    The story is of course also being reported on KVTN Reno/Tahoe news and there are several videos over there. Mainly press conferences and a couple of interviews as well.
    The Reno police are assuming that they are dealing with a serial rapist and have at least two cases, possibly three, that are linked with DNA. How weird. Not really weird, just that I finished reading Cross byt James Patterson, dealing with a serial rapist/murderer on the flight home last night. I have never read any of the Alex Cross books and it started out somewhat dry but I enjoyed it and now have a series to start reading (when I get the free time). I digress, back to the subject at hand…
    There really isn’t anything other than a recap of the story at any of the news sites and I will pretty much repeat that here.
    Briana was a student at Santa Barbara City College in California but was visiting Reno, where she is from, over winter break. She was last seen sleeping on a couch at a friend’s house just off the University of Nevada Reno campus on January 20th. From CNNs report on her body being found there is a partial description of the abductor based on descriptions from previous victims:

    …police have described the suspect as a white male between ages 28 and 40 and at least 5 feet 6, with a long face and brown hair. He was believed to have no accent or regional dialect.
    The killer’s familiarity with the city suggests he likely lives in Reno, Johns said, adding that he believes the “chances are very good” they will catch him.
    “It could be tomorrow, next month, next year. We are going to find this suspect,” he told reporters.
    The killer probably lives near the campus just north of the downtown casino district or on the city’s nearby northwest side, Johns said, and he may work closer to the city’s southeast side, where the body was found.
    “Somewhere in our community there is a wife, a mom, a girlfriend, a sister who recognizes this suspect. Likely he looks like somebody you would least suspect, but that is the person who is responsible for this crime,” he said.
    Publicity of the manhunt may cause the rapist to stop attacking, but “our absolute fear is he may re-offend,” Johns said.

    Briana Denison’s mother issued a statement on Saturday thanking police and the community for their help in searching for her daughter. “On March 29, 1988, Bridgette and Jeffrey Denison were given the incredible gift of their daughter Brianna. On January 20, 2008, she became the daughter of our entire community,” Bridgette Denison also asked that every woman in the community “be diligent about their own safety”.

    The Washoe County Coroner’s Office did an autopsy on Saturday, which is when they officially identified Briana, and they announced it at a news conference. According to Police she had been strangled. Her body had been in the field for at least a week and was concealed there by heavy snow. The full autopsy report won’t be available for a few weeks because they still have pending toxicology reports as well as other stuff. All of that crap you see on CSI and other shows are pretty much a lie as to how quickly this stuff gets done, including the fact that the CSI guys are the ones out there solving the crimes.
    While the manhunt for the serial rapist continues, the community is mourning the loss of a young woman that some say was like family.

    I haven’t been able to find any confirmation for it (yet) but one of the commenters over at Websleuths stated that during the press conference one of the reporters asked about cameras on surrounding buildings and it was stated that local businesses are volunteering their video that may help in the case. That pretty much sounds like standard operating procedure to me and not something that would generally be reported unless something was seen, which is why I don’t have a link for it.
    Brianna’s body was found in South Reno at the intersection of Double R Boulevard and Sandhill Road and since Friday hundreds of people who have never met Brianna Denison have driven there to pay their respects and mourn the loss. The are is no surrounded with blue balloons, flowers, notes, candles and stuffed animals. Blue was apparently Brianna’s favorite color.
    America’s Most Wanted also had an update on the case (same info as above) and apparently the crew is currently in Reno as well.
    There is also a timeline (with no links) of key events in the Brianna Denison case over at Nevada Appeal.
    CBS News has this video out this morning which discusses the fear that Reno residents are facing as a result of the serial rapist turned murderer.

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    As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently in the Bahamas. Hopefully on the beach and half drunk next to the beautiful wife. I hope you are all enjoying the weekend as much as I am and will see you folks in a couple of days if they can drag my ass back on the airplane.

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    I should be in Nassau right now vacating so anything getting posted most likely will have been scheduled ahead of time. Please feel free to post some interesting links for everyone!

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    Monday the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department held a press briefing and said that the had received credible tips on the whereabouts of fugitive Cesar Lauren. They were basically just updating the local media as to where they are in the search for Laurean and wouldn’t go into any kind of detail but are continuing to try and follow any leads that they get.
    They also said that the Sheriff’s Department had further questioned Laurean’s wife this past Friday afternoon. The Sheriff’s department declined to go into the topics discussed but did say that “Investigators spoke to Christina Laurean and she answered the quistions we had”.
    One of the commenters over at the Jacksonville Daily News brought up an interesting point that I had thought of and I am sure has run across the minds of investigators already. Perhaps Christina Laurean actually killed Marine Corporal Maria Lauterbach and Cesar jumped in to take the blame, being the scum-sucking cheater that he is. Perhaps he was trying to make up for fucking around on his wife and getting someone pregnant? The autopsy results show that she was killed with a crowbar and that he throat was cut after she was already dead. As a Marine I am sure that Christina is in decent shape and could certainly weild a crowbar.
    Police are still insisting that Christina Laurean is cooperating with them and she has not been charged with any crime. As it stands now all they could really charge her with is obstruction of justice, not accessory to murder. They are probably currently getting more help and cooperation from her now than they would were she staying in the crossbar motel.
    Over at Websleuths one of the commenters, “Flowerchild”, posted this:

    What is with these guys – Excess testosterone/steroids? Women in the Marines issues? “I’m pregnant, I’m keeping the baby and you’re on the hook for 18 years issues”? These creeps probably never said hello to Maria (if that) and yet they feel they should write death threats and ignorant emails to someone who put up a WEB SITE for a dead woman and her baby. And why are they sticking up for POS Laurean or his supposedly innocent, unaware blind wife? Do they really not believe Laurean murdered a 8.5 mos pregnant Maria and her son Gabriel in cold blood and was such a dumbass Marine he buried her in his own backyard – literally feet from his back door in full view of his house where his child swung on her swingset and his dog played – and to cap off his depravity he threw a couple of PARTIES for his Marine buddies where they enjoyed some Marine bonding, beers, and a campfire circle around a bonfire over his victim’s bodies!!!
    They should be SICK and ANGRY all right, but at POS Laurean and his wife – not the person who out of the goodness of their heart put up a public online TRIBUTE to Maria and Gabriel. I hope the Marine Corp tracks down every last person who wrote something nasty and not only throws them in the brig, gives them latrine cleaning duty and confines them to base for 9 mos (maybe they will then “give birth” to an improved attitude) BUT also questions them in the “Marine Corp Way” for a few days as to their whereabouts, activities and bank withdrawals from Dec 11th to now…..
    I am so disappointed…I really thought the Marine Corp was better than this. They have proven they are badly in need of a complete overhaul and change of policy and attitude from the Top Brass all the way to the fresh shaved grunts in boot camp. They certainly do NOT live up the their motto or their slogan in my eyes – and dare I say this whole sad story makes them look really hypocritical, bigoted and backward and decidedly NOT the branch of the armed forces the “best” young men and women would strive and sacrifice to achieve membership in. And it sure does nothing to assure the parents and spouses of potential Marines that they will be valued and kept as safe as possible by their commanders and their fellow Marines. I though they NEVER left a Marine behind – boy, they sure failed Maria (and Gabriel) and left a Marine behind – killed by a fellow Marine and abandoned to a cold lonely hole…and they didn’t even bother to arrest their “stellar” Marine when they had the chance and instead let him run to Mexico from under their nose.
    Urh, this whole case makes me furious and so very determined that Maria get justice AND that her death will be the driving force and inspiration for true CHANGE in the Marine Corp so that what happened to Maria and Gabriel NEVER happens again.

    I don’t agree with her 100% on this but she does bring up some interesting points. Any kind of organization, whether it be law enforcement, military or business “circles the wagons” to protect their own during time of crisis. Generally the truth will come out though and the offending party will be outed. It’s part of human nature to protect your group, your family, your children. Why should we expect the behavior of the Marine Corps to be any different? If anything they should embody it even more so than others. I do however think that they need to release any and all information to law enforcement that they have on any of the involved parties and most likely have done so by now. The problem you run into is that neither law enforcement nor the military are going to give us all of the details of an open investigation, so it’s easy for armchair detectives like us that really don’t have a fucking clue to second guess them and claim that they are trying to protect a murderer.
    Another user over at Websleuths reposted this report from the Jacksonville Daily News:

    The creator of an Internet memorial site for a pregnant Marine who authorities say was killed by a colleague in mid-December received online death threats from at least two Marines this week.
    “Shut up or get cut up,” a post made in the name of Ron Parikh appeared on the MySpace memorial for Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach on Feb. 5.
    Marine Corps officials confirmed that Lance Cpl. Parikh, a personnel clerk currently assigned to a training command in California, was under investigation for several MySpace.com postings.
    “Parikh is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division for information posted on the Internet about Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach,” said Capt. Neal Fisher, public affairs director for Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twenty-nine Palms, Calif.
    Another Marine, Lance Cpl. Jonathan Cole, is also under investigation for comments he made on the internet, Marine officials said.
    Cole is assigned to a unit in the 2nd Marine Division which is based at Camp Lejeune, said Lt. Col. Curtis Hill, public affairs officer for II Marine Expeditionary Force.
    “(Cole’s) command is aware of the MySpace issue and is taking appropriate action,” Hill said.
    Communicating “certain language expressing a present determination or intent to wrongfully injure” someone is a violation of military law, according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
    If such communications were “of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces” then Parikh, Cole and any other Marines involved could potentially face even more trouble, according to Article 134 of the UCMJ.
    “If Marines were caught doing something inappropriate in uniform or their photograph was associated with something inappropriate online, that is a violation of the UMCJ,” said Sgt. Paul Robbins, a public relations officer at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
    A photograph of Parikh in dress blues serves as an icon picture on his MySpace account.
    Jacksonville resident Miley Collier said she started the memorial page about a week ago as a way to remember Lauterbach and allow other people the opportunity to tell people what Lauterbach meant to them.
    “I have received thousands of messages from people saying how Maria’s story has touched their lives,” Collier said. “I never expected to be threatened for setting up a memorial site.”
    Collier said she was petrified and worried given her geographic closeness to some of the Marines being investigated for their comments.
    “You should be slapped in the face for talking about things that should be left alone. I’m not gonna sit here and watch you talk s–t,” a post made from Parikh’s MySpace account said. “I will do you like Laurean did if you don’t take this page off.”
    Authorities say Lauterbach was killed by Cpl. Cesar Laurean Dec. 14. She was in the third trimester of a pregnancy at the time of her death and had accused Laurean of rape.
    Laurean has been on the run since he fled Onslow County in mid-January. Authorities say Laurean left notes behind with his wife saying Lauterbach killed herself by slicing her own throat and he just buried her body behind the Half Moon home shared by the couple.
    Posts attributed to Parikh’s MySpace account claim Parikh knows Laurean and supports Laurean’s purported version of events including that Lauterbach killed herself.
    Lauterbach’s autopsy revealed that she died of a blow to the head and cuts made to her neck were done post-mortem.
    The section of the memorial site with the posts under investigation has been removed from the Web. Collier said she did not take the posts down but was informed by law-enforcement officials that portion of her site might be temporarily taken down during the investigation.
    The memorial for Lauterbach can be viewed at MySpace.com/Maria_Lauterbach_Memorial.
    Contact police reporter Lindell Kay at lkay@freedomenc.com or 910-554-8534. To comment on this story or to read others’ comments go to jdnews.com.

    The memorial page mentioned on MySpace is located here.
    The fact that there are dumbasses everywhere shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone and there are always going to be people that will believe the other side of a story. That certainly shouldn’t and doesn’t reflect on an organization as a whole. It’s the response of the organization that reflects on them and in the case of the two asshats posting on MySpace the Marine Corps is doing the right thing.
    I was reading one report that talks about the $25,000 bounty on Laurean’s head that has been in place since two days after his disappearance. It discussed the fact that $25k isn’t enough for most bounty hunters to go after him, particularly if he’s in Mexico. However, Duane Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter, who has already been in hot water for bringing one fugitive out of Mexico has reportedly been talking to Onslow County Officials. You can read more of that story over at JDNews.
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    Cpl. Ryan J. Buckley

    Cpl. Ryan J. Buckley
    21 years old from Nokomis, Illinois
    2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne (Air Assault)
    June 26, 2006


    “His platoon leaders described him as the type of soldier every leader wants: A very talented, dedicated soldier, who did everything that was asked of him.” That’s what Lt. Col. Greg Butts, commander of the Army’s 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, said about Cpl. Ryan J. Buckley at his memorial service. “I’m glad I could come here. It was an opportunity to recognize one of my great soldiers.”

    Cpl. Buckley lost his life on June 26, 2006 when an IED detonated near his Humvee during combat operations in Baghdad. “I held him while he died,” Spc. Richard Morris, a fellow soldier who was wounded in the attack, said after the service. “He was my best friend. This nation has lost a hell of a soldier.”

    Ryan Buckley, a 2003 graduate of Hillsboro High School, was attending Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield in March 2004 when he left school to join the Army. He had told his mother on 9/11 that he planned to join the military to defend his country. Jennings Carter, who recently retired from the Army, was the commander of the Litchfield Army Recruiting Station when Buckley signed up. Carter said Buckley was an unusually cheerful young man. “Every time we saw him, he was always smiling,” Carter said. “Before he went to Iraq, we saw him a few times. He was always happy. He would come by and tell us what he was doing.”

    Jean Buckley, Buckley’s aunt, said he was always a responsible young man, who took his school work seriously, as well as his role in the school bands. The talented French horn player was awarded the John Philip Sousa award his senior year as the outstanding band member.

    “He was always a protector,” Jean Buckley said. “It’s such a sad time. We’re so thankful for the Ryans of the world. I appreciate all the veterans and all they’ve done for this country.”

    Cpl. Buckley was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq from Nov. 30 to June 23. Bronze Stars were presented to his wife of one year, Tina Buckley, his mother, Sally Nation, and father, Dennis Buckley.

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

  • Uncategorized 13.02.2008 2 Comments

    One could only wish it were a very long anal probe in his case.
    I haven’t posted much lately on the Gary Hilton murder(s) but that certainly doesn’t mean that law enforcement hasn’t been diligently digging into things. There are also some other developments in the Meredith Emerson case that, while not important as things go forward, are pertinent to the case itself.
    One of those developments that I just recently learned about is the fact that part of Gary Michael Hilton’s plea agreement included the stipulation that his dog be well cared for. That one I can see happening. Obviously the golden retriever was just a tool that the evil man used to help him get close to people but that doesn’t mean that the dog shouldn’t be well-cared for while he slowly rots in prison.
    WYFF in Greenville says that according to authorities, an un-named person close to the case has adopted the reddish golden retriever. Meredith Emerson’s parents took her black Labrador back to Colorado to live with them.
    Yesterday WSB in my home town of Atlanta was reporting that among close to 200 pieces of evidence that were taken out of his white Astrovan, Gary Michael Hilton had among his possessions including a bong, a hacksaw and personal lubricant. You know, those three things were at the top of my “stranded on a deserted island” list. How about that! Not. They also found a bunch of clothing, quite a bit of it more expensive than he should have been able to afford and most likely some of it belonged to his other victims. They did find a yellow raincoat as well. This is significant because surveillance pictures at a Ducktown, Tennessee ATM showed someone wearing a yellow raincoat using the Bryant’s bank card after they were reported missing. Apparently Hilton also had a thing for hats. There were plenty of hats found as well as various pornography.

    While I’m on the subject of the Bryants, I do remember posting something about a skeleton having been found that the suspected was John Bryant, but I honestly don’t remember if I mentioned that they had positively identified him. It’s been an extremely long couple of weeks at work and I am pretty much brain dead. Back at the beginning of February the Transylvania County medical examiner confirmed that the skeleton found near a hiking trail is John Bryant. Her wife was found dead near their car back in November. Gary Michael Hilton is the prime and only suspect in both of their murders.
    What I find interesting is the fact that although Federal authorities are joining the case into the Bryant murder, all of the evidence is being shipped to the Florida State Police for use in the murder of Cheryl Dunlap. I guess maybe they asked first? Hell if I know…
    According to the Tallahassee Democrat:

    Local investigators went to Georgia today to receive evidence collected from the investigation of drifter Gary Michael Hilton.
    Four crime-scene personnel with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office will bring the evidence to the FDLE Crime Lab for processing Thursday or Friday.
    Hilton is the primary suspect in the death of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap, whose body was found in the Apalachicola National Forest in December. He is also a suspect in the deaths of a North Carolina couple, John and Irene Bryant.

    They also report that:

    FDLE lab personnel will go through the evidence for hair, fibers, DNA, blood and fingerprints, said Maj. Mike Wood, of the Sheriff’s Office.
    “There’s just so much evidence that can be mined out of this entire process,” Wood said. “It’s almost beyond description. It’s a little bit overwhelming, quite frankly, but we’re very confident that it’s going to be of benefit to us in the Cheryl Dunlap investigation, as well as the Bryants.’ It has a serious potential to tie the unknown cases at this juncture.”
    Local investigators have not had an opportunity to interview Hilton.
    “Obviously, that would be an ideal situation,” Wood said. “We would love to do that. But historically, and I can only speak to the Georgia case, Mr. Hilton is not amenable to an interview without conditions that he proposes. And we’re not really in a position right now that we feel compelled to offer him any conditions or concede to any of his conditions. We feel really good about the way this case is moving forward.”
    Investigators served a search warrant Tuesday to take a DNA sample from Hilton, which they will use to compare to evidence that has been or will be processed by the FDLE lab.
    Having the evidence at the FDLE lab will give local investigators control over what to process first and the ability to prioritize it as it pertains to the Dunlap case.

    Along with items of clothing and weaponry as well as the other stuff I mentioned so callously above, other evidence includes swabs of blood from the outside of the sliding passenger door.

  • Uncategorized 11.02.2008 3 Comments

    A convicted Level 3 sex offender has won the Massachusetts State Lottery. Daniel Snay bought a $20 scratch-off ticket and won $10 million. The only problem? He forgot to tell authorities the last time he moved and now is probably going to face charges.

    Bwahaha. Enjoy the money in jail you fuck!

    Snay’s record of sexual assaults dates back to 1974. He’s been convicted six times for indecent assault and battery in Massachusetts. Level 3 offenders are considered the most dangerous and the most likely to commit another crime.

    At least now he can pay for his pussy instead of having to force himself on someone else.


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    Darren Mack is going to have to serve at least 36 years in prison for the murder of his wife Charla as well as the attempted murder of divorce judge Charles Weller in June of 2006.
    According to the story over at one of the CNN blogs,

    The sentence was part of a plea deal Mack struck when he pleaded guilty last year to his wife’s murder and no contest to attempting to murder the judge. He claimed he killed in self defense.
    Mack stabbed his wife, nearly severing her head, on June 12, 2006, and then went on to the courthouse here, where he fired one sniper shot, from a distance the length of three football fields. The bullet smashed through double-paned glass, hitting Weller, a family court judge, squarely in the chest.

    During sentencing the judge was very emotional particularly when discussion the Mack’s 10-year-old daughter Erika.

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