• We’re hosting a get-together at Casa Miles the weekend of August 14th at our place. Cook-out, hang out, nothing spectacular. I’ll send out some facebook messages and emails but if I forget you shoot me an email and I’ll send you directions.

    The wife is graduating with her EDS next weekend, which is part of the celebration although she doesn’t want to have a party for herself so we’re calling it a back to school thing. There will be the usual debauchery but as always kids are welcome so not too much drinking or grossness :)

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    While I am posting crime entries at an entirely different site now some of the archives remain. The images are gone but the posts are all mirrored at the other site.

    My personal stuff is at yet another blog. I most likely won’t be moving them over here because it’s a big pain in the ass to export and import seven + years of entries.

    Why three sites?

    I figure I will continue to post in all three. This one for mostly family-safe stuff (other than the older crime-related posts that your children darn sure don’t need to see, my other personal one for NSFW type junk and general ramblings, and of course the third site for my crime-blogging exploits. I also actually own a few more domains with blogs on them and may or may not occasionally update them as well, depending on my current set of interests and time.

    Anyway, see you at some point tomorrow!

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    One of my favorite photos from the girl’s first trip to Disney. Actually all three of the children were there. This was two years before Chris joined the Marine Corps. Pete and RePete were six and two, respectively. That year we stayed at the Contemporary Resort for a week at the beginning of October. As a matter of fact we ended up adding an extra day at the end of the trip. It was a blast and the beginning of what has turned out to be several trips back.

    We skipped a couple of years and in 2008 we stayed at the Polynesian Resort for a week at the beginning of June. It was an extremely tiring week (very fucking hot!) and on the last day we got up and decided to just make the damned drive home. That’s been part of the problem. I am fairly limited to my vacation time. I get two seven day and one ten day vacations each year. Normally my ten day is in the summer when the girls are out of school. It’s somewhere between 8-10 hours to drive from here to Orlando so by the time we make it we are usually too exhausted. Two days wasted.

    Last year we went during spring break. Holder and the girls really wanted to go so I booked us for three days and four nights at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. I was in the middle of paying the IRS a crapload of money so didn’t have a ton to spend so we went the cheapo route. We had a good time but it was rainy and again, the drive didn’t help at all.

    Anyone who’s been around my blog(s) for a while, and it would have to be quite a while since up until recently I haven’t posted dick except for crime stories at Sick Crimes, knows my aversion to flying. The older I get the less I enjoy it. I think part of that is the fact that I just don’t fly a lot. It may also be a control issue. I have the same problem riding shotgun in a car. Perhaps if I took flying lessons that would help me out. Not that I’m about to buy a plane any time soon but it would be cool…

    Anyway, we’re heading back down to Orlando again. This time we are flying down at the end of October (October and February seem to be the most comfortable down there). We’re only going to be there for four days but Holder can only get three personal days off of work and the girls will also be missing three days of school as well. Fuck it, some things are worth it. Not only that but we will be there Halloween weekend, which is coincidentally my favorite holiday of the year as well. I am The girls are really looking forward to trick-or-treating at the Magic Kingdom :)

    We are also going to be staying at the Grand Floridian this time, which is one resort we haven’t stayed at yet. Repete is now seven and Pete turns 13 two days before the trip. Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

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    I may go ahead and start posting here again. Not general crime stuff, that’s what the other site is for…just some of the general garbage. Photography and some of the stuff I used to have, including the PPP stuff. It’s been quite a while but since I do have no plans to get rid of the site I might as well make use of it.

    I have a lot on my plate so don’t expect a ton of stuff but I sort of miss doing some of the memes and that sort of thing. My personal blog at skullfucking will stay up and that’s where I’ll continue putting anything personal I am writing. I may also use this one as sort of a conglomerate of all my sites and pull in everything from both of my other sites as well as my twitter updates.

    more to come…

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