Starting out very slowly…

…me that is. I actually managed to get out of bed by a quarter to five. I didn’t want to, but I did somehow manage it. I also got in those posts at the other sites that I had planned on. That’s probably ALL I am going to get finished this morning but I did get them finished. I have to start getting ready for work shortly and get this tired boy moving.

Two more days…two more days. Tomorrow will be the killer though. I will most likely end up being at work from 6AM until at least 10PM Saturday evening, just getting things ready for me to be gone for ten days. Food orders, paperwork, scheduling. I’ve not taken a vacation this long in quite some time, so I have to make sure everything is right.

4 throughts on "Starting out very slowly…"

  1. Well im sorry to say but this is not the guy…..he used to be a friend of mine lived on the same island i can tell u that this dude had a big mouth shouting to everyone ” he knew where the body was” and this just caught the eye of the police so ppl this is another mistake

  2. You and me both. Normally I only work nine to ten hours a day, and then whatever I get in at home but at least once a week I have a fourteen to eighteen hour day. I managed to get out of my meeting yesterday afteroon, or I would have been at work until about 6PM.

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