Wallhogs Previews

I received my proofs from Wallhogs via email today. They look like they are going to kick ass. I think once I have approved them (I have already) they print them out and it takes about three days or so. I guess if I went over there and looked I could tell for sure, but that sounds right.

The original post I did is down the page a bit, here they are with the background removed. I have done that stuff in Photoshop before and it is extremely tedious to get right. This is going to be pretty cool.

465-Photo1 Proof.jpg

465-Photo2 Proof.jpg

I think I am going to stick them on the bathroom wall so I can think about them while I am taking a dump.

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  1. I really like how they turned out. I saved the web page that way I can do some pictures from when we get back from vacation.

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