Wanna Be a Character in a Book?

I don’t know if he has posted this on his site yet or not but I assume so. Just got this email over at MySpace from Charles…

Did you ever want to be the villain in a suspense novel? A tank crewman charging into battle? A Senator or Representative? Now’s your chance. Sort of.

In about 30 days I’ll finalizing the copy for my new novel Republic, scheduled for publication in August 2007.

Here’s a short blurb:

Welcome to the America of the future: an intrusive federal government; economy going down the tubes; and terrorism, domestic and foreign, wracking our nation. In 2016 America has become a place of fear and suspicion. Terrorism and government crackdowns have brought on a cycle of spiraling inflation and unemployment. Basic civil liberties are at risk in a country changed, yet frighteningly familiar.

A prominent citizen and commander in the West Virginia National Guard, Ken Murphy, must protect his family and his country, and identify where his loyalties lay in an increasingly dangerous conflict.

In short, it’s a big book about an American civil war.

Post a review of either the podcast or book of Prayer at Rumayla: A Novel of the Gulf War by May 10 and one of the characters in the book will get your name, and I’ll mention your blog or website in the acknowledgments. Yeah, I know, it’s a stupid gimmick. But maybe fun.

Here’s the quick Q & A and rules:

1) Do I get a free copy of the book?

How cheap can you be? You can download it free here, and listen here, but I encourage you to buy a copy. Writers have to make a living too.

2) Can I sue you if you make my character ugly or a villain or the wrong sexual orientation?

Yeah, right. Try, but I’m what they call judgment-proof (broke)

3) What if I want to be the main character?

You’d better have a pretty cool name. I’m not having any National Guard Colonels named Wilbur. No offense to the Wilbur’s of the world.

4) How do I let you know when the review is posted?

Post a comment here

5) How can you earn my undying gratitude?

Post a cool comment on your blog or somewhere telling other people about this excellent, very cool idea. Send traffic here.

Sounds Like a pretty cool deal. Go check it out.