Top Ten Hints Your Engagement is Doomed

Since I have several sponsors and I do the paid posting thing I get around to different businesses sites and check out their blogs as well as the sites themselves. More often than not they are pretty cut and dried if not boooring. Not that I don’t find a wealth of information, it’s just that some days I have a hard time keeping my head from hitting the desk and having drool start forming. I am one of the unfortunate ones that used to occasionally have that happen to in school, normally in science or math class.

Anyway, I was over at JR Dunn Jewelers earlier (this is the part where I plug them). JR Dunn is a premier Jewelry showroom with two stores in South Florida. Their reputation for integrity and fine diamonds precedes them and as a family owned business instead of being one of the huge conglomerations you know you are going to get personal service whether you are shopping for a new engagement ring or looking for a diamonds for your 20th anniversary (OK, end the plug).

Here’s the good part. While I was there I stopped by J.R.Dunn’s Jewelry Blog and found the post referred to in MY title, Top Ten Hints Your Engagement is Doomed, which derives from real life examples if things that they have actually heard in their stores. My favorite is #5, “You asked out the sales lady who was helping you with your engagement ring purchase“. Man, I can relate to that. Running restaurants, I have seen on more than one occasion, a lady get up to use the restroom and just as soon as she is gone the gentleman starts to hit on his waitress. It’s hilarious but kind of sad all at the same time. I always feel sorry for his companion and I am sure that they feel the same way. Why on the world would you go shopping for an engagement ring and then hit on the salesperson? Save your money dude because you are going to need it for the divorce later.

Are more guys like that? I can’t say I don’t look but I certainly don’t ask other women out. That’s just not right, not to mention the fact that my wife would probably kill me if I did and she found out. Over the last 41 years I have come to value my life for some strange reason.

I also like #3 in the list as well, almost as much as #5. #3 is “You offered to pay for breast augmentation instead of a ring.” Now THAT I can understand…