JetBlue Sucks Most…

I posted this review yesterday for something called the Cabin Cuddler that is basically a travel blanket and pillow. They are like $30 or so. Not too bad considering that you can’t get a damn blanket when you fly half the time now. So I’m over at CNN today and notice in the Money section…Read more

Traveling in Comfort

While I much prefer driving when we travel sometimes there are just instances where you have to fly such as when we went to Nassau back in February or when our son comes home from California at Christmas. It’s just too far to drive in one instance and impossible in the other. I hate flying…Read more


Sundays are usually a pretty busy day at work. Not that the rest of the weekend isn’t but on Sunday everyone waits until after church and we do the same amount of business in about three hours that we do in seven on Saturdays. Needless to say I am usually pretty busy and don’t have…Read more

Tactical Gear

I’ve got a case of knife envy now… 🙂 I was over at Brigade QM and came across this Gerber Automatic knife. It runs about $150 or so and is pretty sweet. I used to collect weapons when I was younger. Nothing serious mind you, I just enjoy them. Knives, swords, guns, whatever. When my…Read more

Aaargh…By God!

At the last minute (like after I had posted this) I decided to use it as my Odd Shots on Monday post. You can’t get much more odd than the photo below… I’ve done all kinds of funny stuff as a parent to entertain my children, not the least of which is to dress up….Read more

Christmas Lights and LED String Lighting

It’s a bit early for me to be thinking about Christmas being as how it’s not even Halloween yet but I have been thinking about them the last few days because some of the stores are starting to put decorations out. I went in to the Home Depot the other day to get some of…Read more

Top Ten Hints Your Engagement is Doomed

Since I have several sponsors and I do the paid posting thing I get around to different businesses sites and check out their blogs as well as the sites themselves. More often than not they are pretty cut and dried if not boooring. Not that I don’t find a wealth of information, it’s just that…Read more

Watch deleted YouTube Videos

Update – August 9th 2008 I posted this link way back in March of 2007 and since then it’s had over 8,000 hits so I figured it was time to get rid of the crappy ads in the middle of the page and update this place! The original link I posted to delutube has been…Read more