I’ve had false teeth for about 17 years now. At the time the dentist spoke with me about getting dental implants but back in 1990 they were very cost prohibitive and at that time my insurance would only pay so much. As a matter of fact I ended up getting them done right near the end of the year so that the bottoms were done in December and the tops in January. My dentist at the time told me that I would not be able to get implants down the road because of the way that they were implanted into the gums.

Jump forward two decades later and a few months ago I dropped the bottom set. I think I blogged about it as a matter of fact. Anyway, it snapped them in half. I tried one of the repair kits and they felt worse than before. I ended up taking them to the dentist that my wife and kids use. Heck, I haven’t been to the dentist in years. They re-fitted them and then started talking to me about implants and surgery.

Apparently now they anchor a metal pin in the jawbone that mimics the root of a tooth and the teeth snap right on like snap-on tools or something. Very cool looking from what they showed me. They feel and act just like normal teeth and you clean them just like normal and they are easier to eat with than dentures because they are much more stable since they are anchored to your jaw instead of just hanging around the gums. Although if I get them done it will be here at home, I found a bunch of the information from Dental Implants in NY when I was researching it. I think the doctor was offended though when I asked if I could get a set of vampire teeth for Halloween.