Cell Phones, Wal-Mart, Dog Food…This Ain’t My Shopping List…

Yesterday afternoon I ran out to the local Wal-Mart to get stuff for hamburgers. The girls had company coming for supper and I try to only make them eat dog food when their friends aren’t around so as to avoid answering sticky questions. Get them ready for old age a bit early and all that.

Anyway, apparently on the way out the door I dropped my cell phone. I didn’t realize it until I was getting in the car and flipped. My damn cell phone has hundreds of numbers related to work as well as personal stuff that I really can’t afford to lose. There are several years of history stored in that thing. I checked at the cash register where I was run up and then walked down a couple of aisles. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was going to have to go to Verizon and report it lost but decided to check with customer service before I left. Apparently I walked right past it on my way back in to the store because the dude that found it and picked it up was returning it to customer service as I was walking up.

Thank goodness for honest people. I guess I just spend far too much time around these people that I work with because half of the fuckers would have put it in their pockets and left with it.

I’ve started putting the belt thing back on my belt rather than hooking it into my pocket as I normally do. It will take some getting used to but it does tend to fall out of my pocket a lot.