March 19, 2008

A Dying Girl's Wish

Having said that, I teared up when I read the story about Jayci Yaeger. Jayci is a ten-year-old Lincoln Nebraska girl who is dying of brain cancer. She cries herself to sleep every night because her piece of shit father is in prison in Yankton, South Dakota. The thing is, he is almost finish with his sentence and the warden has it in his power to allow Jason Yaeger to spend the girl’s last few months with her father. His wife Vonda has been pleading with the warden for a bit of compassion to grant her daughter’s dying wish

Custom Photo Cards

I am pretty awful about sending cards when it’s time for people’s birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc…I am much better at sending emails and thank you notes that way. I don’t think it’s the cards that I have a hard time sending, it’s just about anything in an envelope for some reason. I pay 99% of…Read more

A Two Handed Drinker

Damn. Now that was a good nap. I hadn’t planned on sleeping but it just turned out that way. The wife and girls went to church for supper tonight. Now before you say it, “Gawrsh, they let the Miles household into church!”, the girls particularly enjoy it. The wife isn’t exactly church-going and I would…Read more

GPS Tracking

Supposedly my Freedom Keychain GPS device that I picked up last year while I was still using my Samsung i760 will work with the Blackberry Pearl. I know the GPS device does work because I have gotten it to partner with my computer as well as my old cell phone, but for the life of…Read more

Runaway Bride in the News Again

Remember old big eyes Jennifer Wilbanks? She’s back in the news again, indirectly. If you don’t remember, Jennifer and John Mason were to be married and she disappeared just a few days before the wedding. She turned up later in New Mexico after Gwinnett County authorities had wasted countless hours looking for her. She said…Read more