Disney Day Three…Even Midgets Gotta Work…

I say it was day three but it was really day three of my vacation. It was the second day we were at Disney. We started the day pretty early.

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This was taken out on the dock in front of the Polynesian Resort. You can take a ferry over to the Magic Kingdom from there as well as to/from several other resorts. I wasn’t entirely sure how often the boat ran and we were running short on time so we ended up taking the monorail to MK instead. The reason we were running short on time is that we had reservations at the Crystal Palace shortly after 8am, even before the park itself opened. The Crystal Palace is buffet, which is cool and it’s where Pooh and his friends hang out, which is even cooler. I’ll bet Tigger holds doors open for people and doesn’t worry about offending people by helping them out if they are bleeding in the street…

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The little Piglet that RePete is holding is kind of an interesting story. When we took the kids back in 2005 I bought her a Pooh. She’s never really shown that much of an interest in Pooh. Of course she will occasionally play with him but for the most part he’s just one more fucking stuffed bear to contend with when cleaning her room. Anyhow, Pooh is in several pictures with her from that trip, which she spent 90% of in a stroller. She was two and a half after all. That’s a lot of walking for a toddler. Anyhow, I had asked her if we should take Pooh back with us since he might miss his home. She thought that was a wonderful idea. So I forgot his sorry ass and left him at home. She was cheered up when I offered to get her Piglet so that he could report back to Pooh on our vacation and come to live with us and keep Pooh company. The fact that he is small and pink certainly didn’t hurt. If you can’t tell already, Pink is RePete’s favoritist color. Piglet went EVERYWHERE with us in Disney, although I had to put a stop to it when we were ging to the water park on our last day there.

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Apparently Zonker scared this dude so bad at the Atlanta Airport that he ran off and went to work for Winnie the Pooh in Disney World.

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The star of the show finally made his way over to our table…

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We had plenty of eating time with lots of characters and the girls completely filled their autograph books. As a matter of fact if I had thought about it I would have dug up their books from last time and still had room.

After breakfast we headed out into the Magic Kingdom. Right outside of the Crystal Palace there was some sort of ‘Dreams’ show going on in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

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Hell, Walt, I got a dream for you. How’s about an adult Disney where I can bone the Disney Princesses? Some of them weren’t too darn shabby. Heck, I would even settle for a couple of the dancers up there…

Good thing this blog isn’t kid friendly…

Back to the subject at hand. We went on a bunch of rides and had a blast but sometimes the most fun is found elsewhere…

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