Zombie Survival Quiz

One never knows when you might need a bit of help in case of a Zombie outbreak and of course I would prefer to have my friend Eric, he who hates Zombies, by my side. I came across this Zombie Survival Quiz and knew I had to post a link. I scored a Z+ on…Read more

Tactical Gear

I’ve got a case of knife envy now… πŸ™‚ I was over at Brigade QM and came across this Gerber Automatic knife. It runs about $150 or so and is pretty sweet. I used to collect weapons when I was younger. Nothing serious mind you, I just enjoy them. Knives, swords, guns, whatever. When my…Read more

Silly Sunday

Image via Wikipedia I absolutely dislike my grandma Trish. Occasionally she is really crazy, then last week she just disturbed me… I begged her guidance thinking about literature on the African subcontinent, but then she was all: “Get out! I am so sick of hearing about the African subcontinent all the time!“ At first I…Read more


Snake Originally uploaded by rmiles Anyone want some stew? We noticed this thing lying in the driveway yesterday morning so of course I had to go out and get a picture. By the time I left yesterday evening the damned thing was pretty nasty. There is an area outside of my parking lot between the…Read more

Disney Day Three…Even Midgets Gotta Work…

I say it was day three but it was really day three of my vacation. It was the second day we were at Disney. We started the day pretty early. This was taken out on the dock in front of the Polynesian Resort. You can take a ferry over to the Magic Kingdom from there…Read more

Disney Day One (and two)…

The first couple of days of my vacation were pretty uneventful. Wednesday I spent the morning running around, taking the dog to the kennel, packing and repacking the car, doctor’s appointments and filling prescriptions prior to leaving town. It seems like a lot to be doing on the very day that I was leaving town…Read more

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Image via Wikipedia Pre-Vacation Tramp Stamp. Although I will be out of town next week, rest assured that next Tuesday’s post will be up πŸ™‚ This week’s tramp stamp comes from, believe it or not, wikipedia. Hehe.

Aaargh…By God!

At the last minute (like after I had posted this) I decided to use it as my Odd Shots on Monday post. You can’t get much more odd than the photo below… I’ve done all kinds of funny stuff as a parent to entertain my children, not the least of which is to dress up….Read more