The Walt Disney Company

More Disney Action…

I haven’t posted anything else about our trip to Disney since around the beginning of July so I thought it a good time to put up some more pictures from the trip. The last time I was talking about it I had gotten to our day at Hollywood Studios. We had to drag the kids…Read more

June 1st: Hollywood Studios

More Disney photos. Just what you wanted on a Monday afternoon… 🙂 Sunday we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. First we had to have breakfast. I had made reservations for the Ohana Friends breakfast there at the Polynesian Resort. It’s ‘family style’ which is sort of like a buffet all you can eat, except…Read more

More Disney Pictures…

I still seem to not be interested in blogging in the least. I go through this for a while a couple of times a year. Sooner or later I will get past it and start blogging regularly. Not for lack of material that’s for damn sure. I can at least post more about the Disney…Read more