Magic Kingdom

More Disney Action…

I haven’t posted anything else about our trip to Disney since around the beginning of July so I thought it a good time to put up some more pictures from the trip. The last time I was talking about it I had gotten to our day at Hollywood Studios. We had to drag the kids…Read more

May 31st: Animal Kingdom

Saturday was our third day at the park. After having stayed up pretty late the night before we slept in a bit. Besides going to the Animal Kingdom today we also had the Pirates and Princess party to attend that evening. I honestly don’t remember where we ate that morning, now that it’s been almost…Read more

More Disney Pictures…

I still seem to not be interested in blogging in the least. I go through this for a while a couple of times a year. Sooner or later I will get past it and start blogging regularly. Not for lack of material that’s for damn sure. I can at least post more about the Disney…Read more

Disney – More Day Three…

The post I wrote about our third day in Florida really was just the morning. I realized quite a bit into putting pictures into it that I was going to have to start breaking some of these up and posting them at intervals, so I shall. After we had breakfast at the Crystal Palace we…Read more


I am sort of updating each of the posts that I did via my cell phone while we were on vacation. I will have updated versions of most of these that were actually taken with a camera later on Flickr. Anyhow, we had breakfast at the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom one morning and…Read more