BBS Menus

Menu Headers are finally finished the way I want them. I’m certainly no artist but like the way they turned out. Really it was just a matter of finding the font I wanted. I still have to “install” them in each menu where they aren’t showing yet and also change some of the commands (and…Read more

Migrated Users

If you had an account on the old BBS and supplied an email address, your account has been migrated to the new setup. As I had to do each one by hand, it’s quite possible that I made mistakes so let me know if that’s the case and I’ll fix it. As long as you…Read more

New Games

Several new games online now. Looking for a copy of Lord32 and will add it and several others as time permits. You can access the board via telnet at telnet:// or from the site at this page

More BBS Updates

Rather than run a virtual machine I’ve kept my Mystic setup on my Win 10 64bit desktop just because it uses less resources that way. I was finding that my system was bogging down. Until I can get some of the other stuff offloaded to a Raspberry Pi I have Plex, Jackett, Sonarr and several…Read more

Back Online

Shadowscope BBS is back online and the move is complete (sort of lol.) The message networks have all been moved as have a large portion of the games. I will put my Ansi and menus back up over the next few weeks and doing some tweaking but the hard stuff is all finished. Now for…Read more

BBS Status Update

Door games are not currently working. My BBS laptop finally bit the dust so I have moved it to a VM on my main system and unfortunately something broke in the move. Getting this error in my Synchronet logs currently: !JavaScript \sbbs\exec\load\http.js line 3: ReferenceError: require is not defined Fuck if I know what that…Read more

WordPress Help Needed…

I could really use some help with WP from an “expert” Currently shadowscope is installed in it’s own subdirectory off of my main site but I have it resolve to In order to do that I had to make sure that my .htaccess pointed in the correct direction. Everything seems to work OK. You…Read more