Replace the Message Read Prompt in SBBS – Updated and Fixed***

I had to change one line in the prompt below. Where it says @SMB_LAST_MSG@ that should read @SMB_TOTAL_MSGS@. The last message @-Code gives a total number of messages in the sub including deleted, dupes, etc…which may not match what the system actually shows. I found that out in some of the message bases that have…Read more

How to Change The User Settings Screen in SBBS

So the next thing I decided to tackle on the board was the default user settings screen on my board. I initially attempted to change the text strings in my baja menu source by using the REPLACE_TEXT command in it. That apparently won’t work for whatever reason, so I had to edit the text.dat directly….Read more

BBS Update…

So I’ve added a few more games and things to do on the BBS foryou to check out. I also managed to get Ftelnet working as well. Using that page (above) as my default log in now just because it’s much easier for this old man to see . Anyway, I am about 60% of…Read more

How to Set Up EleBBS Under Linux

Over at R&M Software Rick Parrish has several how-to’s posted I wanted to make sure and archive. This is one of them. You can visit the original here. All of this is from his site, I’ve just borrowed (stolen) it here. This HOWTO is based on the following software: RedHat 7.3 EleBBS 0.09g1 First, the…Read more

How to Set Up Tribbs to Access Fidonet

Here’s another how-to from zharvek over at Archaic Binary. The original post can be found at the link. Tribbs was the second BBS software I ran way back in the early ’90s. I probably used it for about a year or so before moving on to something I could modify a bit more. Ah what…Read more

Creating Custom Message Headers for SBBS

Updated – I found an easier way to do this (knew I would…) and it’s at the bottom of the post One of things I used in my Proboard and RG setups in the ’90s was custom message headers…i.e. OBV/2 style. I’m trying to get away from the stock setup and this is one of…Read more

Lunatix, Netfoss and SBBS

I finally managed to get Lunatix running on my SBBS system tonight. Originally I was trying to use it with Synchronet’s built-in fossil support but it was so fucking slow as to be unusable so I set it up with Netfoss and kept getting errors that netfoss.dll couldn’t be found. As with anything one I…Read more

DOSEMU Synchronet Doors How-To

This is about 10 years old but it’s still valid information. DOSEMU Synchronet DOORS HOWTO Author: Michael Capp <laffer(at)exeonline(dot)com> 07 February 2003 Complete installation guide on configuring DOSEMU and Synchronet to run DOS doors under Linux utilizing DOSEMU. Copyright (c) 2003 Michael Capp Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the…Read more

BBS Updates

Ok, so as I ended up sticking with the Synchronet setup due to the fact network and internet integration is so much better/easier to set up than using EleBBS. It does have a greater learning curve as far as configuring and modding so for a while the menus will probably look entirely fucked up as…Read more

How to Set Up Renegade BBS for Telnet Under Windows XP

This article was originally written by Nick in 2009 and in keeping with what I wanted to do in archiving all of these difficult to find how-to’s I figured I would post it here. If you find it helpful please go visit him and let him know! Setting up Renegade with NetFoss for Telnet under…Read more