Mexican Chocolate

I ran across a story at The Jawa Report that is a little old but I had not read before. It’s about Hershey shutting down a plant in Oakdale, California and selling off the plant and adjacent land. Apparently they employed up to 750 back in the 90’s and the final 575 will be gone…Read more

The Minimum Wage Increase…

…or How my government gave me an involuntary PAY CUT. July 24th the new Federal Minimum Wage goes from 5.15 to 5.85 an hour. At the same time we, like most companies around the united states will be raising our prices to compensate for it. As far as my employees go it indirectly effects them….Read more

History, Part 1

I find it interesting that the older I get, the more “history” that I see. When I was young I used to sort of envy my great-grandmother. She was born in 1883, so had seen all kinds of changes in her life. Things coming into common usage. Automobiles. Airplanes. Telephones. Televisions. Great wars. WWI, WWII,…Read more

The Pope’s Address

The only reason I am posting this is because I wanted to have a permanent copy of it, and this seemed like a good place for it. I read Pope Benedict’s address last week when all of the furor was just getting started and really didn’t find much that was untrue in it. Still not…Read more