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While I much prefer driving when we travel sometimes there are just instances where you have to fly such as when we went to Nassau back in February or when our son comes home from California at Christmas. It’s just too far to drive in one instance and impossible in the other.

I hate flying and as the years go by it keeps getting more and more uncomfortable. First they took away most if not all of the food on domestic flights. Then they start charging you for ALL of your luggage. Now, even though it hasn’t really been covered in the press, they aren’t even carrying pillows or blankets on board. That just plain sucks. Flying is uncomfortable enough and that just adds to it.


When we flew home from Nassau we ended up getting diverted to the other side of the state and sat there for several hours due to storms that were over Atlanta. What should have taken us and hour to an hour and a half ended up taking several hours. It was hot and then it was cold, the flight was awful due to the storms we had to fly through and I was just ready to walk home by the time we finally arrived.

It’s hard to travel prepared for all emergencies that might come up but the Cabin Cuddler does take care of some of it. Believe it or not but most of us get cold flying in the winter, not the summer. That’s because we travel for comfort. Shorts and a T-Shirt are my traveling clothes of choice but when you get on a plane and the AC is cranked to max then you start getting cold. If there is a blanket at all on the plane now there’s no telling when the last time is that they did laundry. On my last flight the crew had flown several different routes over a 15 hour period, basically just landing long enough to take on fuel and passengers. The sure don’t wash anything in between stops. Yuck!

The Cabin Cuddler comes with it’s own inflatable pillow and the tote bad turns into a pillow case. The travel blanket completely covers you and there is a pocket at the bottom that keeps your feet warm. As often as we drive around the southeast U.S. it would come in handy in the car as well. Instead of carrying three or four pillows and blankets I could just throw a couple of these in the trunk.

The girls love to go on vacation with us but they are always cold as well. When I drive, particularly in the summer, I always crank the air conditioning. Since I am right there in front of the windshield I am usually several degrees warmer than they are in the back seat and the air also helps to keep me awake as well. When I showed the girls the Cabin Cuddler video on the linked website they were amazed. Of course they are children but their comfort is even more important to me than my own.

Let me know if you have one of these or have used one before. I am really interested in hearing from folks that have some experience with them.

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  1. JetBlue Sucks Most…

    I posted this review yesterday for something called the Cabin Cuddler that is basically a travel blanket and pillow. They are like $30 or so. Not too bad considering that you can’t get a damn blanket when you fly half…

  2. Brandy Decker is 100% innocent. The allegations against her are not only false, but completely misconstrued. She would never do anything to harm a child. She may be 21, but mentally she is only around 8 or 10. She is the sweetest young lady I have ever known. The truth will come out that Brandy is innocent. Just because something is printed the the papers, does in no way mean it carries any truth.

  3. How about adding that these are ALLEGATIONS against Brandy, and our Constitution states innocent until proven guilty.

  4. You are right, they ARE allegations. Actually what the constitution says is that our court system presumes innocence. It’s one of the most basic things about our court system and generally one of the things that make it the best system in the world. It is considered common law and is taken from several provisions in the constitution like the right to remain silent and the right to a jury. This however, is NOT a court of law and I can presume anyone anything that I want.
    That having been said, I try and keep my posts up-to-date and if Brandy Decker is found to be not guilty of the charges or they are dropped I will be more than happy to change the post to reflect that. I unfortunately am pretty busy and I have too many cases I read to keep up with all of them so I depend on people like you to keep me informed. I will look more into the story and allegations and if something else comes up that you or anyone else lets me know about I will change or even delete the story.
    How I feel about kids and wanting everyone to know about people that mistreat them takes precedence over someone getting their panties in a wad and getting their feelings hurt because I called them a name.

  5. Understand that in no way do I condone the abuse of any child. It is a sickening crime that is abundant in todays society. Having said that, I do not ‘have my panties in a wad’ or have had my feelings hurt. You do not know all of the circumstances to the situtation. We will see how the courts handle this life changing case.

  6. I too, like jodi, do not condone the abuse of any child. I find it horrifying that anyone would commit any crime against a child. And i would be the first in line to make sure that people are aware of a child molester or any other kind of monster in our area. However, before i jump on any bandwagon against those inhumane sickos, i do get all my facts straight. I feel that your title for this article is appauling! You don’t know all the facts and I suggest until you do, you rethink the slander and your portrayal of this girl. Everyone has a right to their opinion no matter what it is, but there is a time and a place to vent your personal feelings against someone! I urge you to refrain from slander until it is proven. How would you feel if this girl was a family member of yours who was being trashed on the internet. I’m willing to bet that if this was your sister or your mother it would sicken you to know that the world has already condemned her without all the facts!

  7. i suggest you add the fact that all your post is only an allegation to all your blog posts, you are a know-all abrasive jerk!

  8. The title is “Brandy Decker Arrested for Sleeping with a Ten Year Old”. Exactly which part of the title is appalling or untrue? Brandy Decker was arrested. That is a fact. She was arrested and charged with having sexual relations with a ten year old, which is more commonly known as ‘sleeping with’.
    While you may consider that slander the title is exactly what has happened. Does that mean she actually did it? Heck if I know. She might be innocent and found guilty, but then again she could be guilty and found innocent or she may even be judged incompetent to stand trial if what has been commented is true. If that is the case then I will change the post or get rid of it.

  9. Oh yeah, childish name-calling is really helping your cause…is that why you chose not to post your name?

  10. Well, Jodi maybe no one told you that Brandy gave a 7 page confession that went into get detail. But just like people like you to forget about the victim.

  11. I was in OCJ with Brandy Decker. There is so much more to this case than the public is being told. I can’t go into details but I can tell you this child Brandy is not capable of doing the things she is charged with. The problem is people hear something like this and immediatly want to throw stones. If you knew this girl you would know there is no way these things happened. Brandy always puts others before herself. It’s to bad the rest of us don’t have that same heart. Know the case and the entire story before you judge this child. Look at both sides.

  12. Thanks guys. I received and email from the victim’s family as well this morning and will have another update to post tomorrow. As it is I am in the middle of a restore operation on my computer.

  13. You know I love how there are all these people who claim to know her and that there is no possible way that she could of done this yet as of yesterday she was proven guilty?. Why even bother defending anyone other then yourself you don’t know what anyone is capable of but yourself. oh yea and to Shelly who spent time with her in OCJ you must not have been in there long because you forgot a valuable lesson in the prison system “everyone in prison is innocent”
    But hey justice is served and it tastes good.

  14. There are two sides to every story. However, since Brandy was forced into pleading guilty by her public defender, this point is moot. Everyone deserves to have their side of the story told.
    Here is our wonderful judicial system at work: Brandy was told by her public defender that if she plead innocent, she would go to trial and if found guilty, she would serve a mandatory life sentence. Instead of taking that risk, Brandy was told to plea guilty to a sentence of 8 years. How’s that for bull&*^%. She was told by the public defender to say that she did do things to the ‘victim’, which she did not do. This was to prove her guilt so that she wouldn’t go to trial. Great judicial system we have.
    As far as the 7 page confession which goes into great detail, that was the story of the victim which, Brandy was told, if she signed it she could go home. Brandy is 21 years old, but she has a mental disability, which makes her behave much more like a 12 year old. No matter your age, if you have a mental disability, you aren’t going to outgrow it. When asked if she read the ‘confession’ she said no. Would a 12 year old take the time to read a 7 page ‘confession’? Not once during the initial investigation did Brandy say she did anything to the victim.
    As far as the victim, if these things happened to him, it is a disgrace, but it was not Brandy who did these things. Perhaps the father and his friend should be looked into as far as that is concerned. That whole family should have Child Protective Services called on them. Perhaps then the real truth would come out.
    Brandy was asked by the family to move in, not the other way around. And as far as having both parents who worked, if the father held a steady job for more then a couple of days or weeks, I will eat my hat. He was home more often then not, playing with his WWE figures and smoking pot, which they claimed they thought Brandy was doing. If she was, it was because the father forced her. Brandy has Marfan Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder and she knows that she should not smoke or drink because of the risks to her health.
    If you believed that the main caregiver for your 4 children was doing drugs, would you just allow it to go on and ‘think’ of installing a security camera?? Why would you need to do that if the father is home? If the father had held a steady job, they wouldn’t have been at risk to lose their home at the time when ‘things got ugly’
    If the parents were home when Brandy left the 2 year old in the kitchen, why weren’t they also watching their own children? Would you allow a mentally 12 year old person be responsible for 4 children? I have a young child and honestly I would not trust Brandy to watch my child because she is mentally a child herself.
    Brandy was never asked to leave the house. She left on her own because she was sick of the behavior of the father. The father was forcing Brandy to drink while prostituting her to his friend. It is all in Brandy’s diary. As I stated prior, this is a moot point because of Brandy’s plea, but always remember, there are 2 sides to EVERY story. Believe what you want, but it’s about time that Brandy had a chance to have her side told.
    I do feel sorry for the boy because he has to live in that house. As I said before, if these things happened to him, I hope he gets the help he needs and the person who is ACTUALLY responsible doesn’t do it again. However, that person was NOT Brandy Decker.
    Two sides, just keep that in mind. Brandy was also a victim.

  15. Saved and printed, I will read this in court July 14

  16. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! The familys entire story is ridiculous. This case is simple. An innocent girl is thrown in the line of fire because of the family and judicial system. Whos the victim? Brandi Decker. If you closely read the family’s “story”, its full of nothing but holes and statements that make absolutely NO SENSE! This is a family who is so screwed up that the only way they could justify anything was to blame an innocent girl. Give me break!!!! Any parent who would let a mentally handicapped person watch their children is a neglectful parent to begin with. No parent in their right mind would trust another “child” to be responsible for their own children. And if they had so many doubts about Brandi because of suspicions, AGAIN, no parent in their right mind would continue to keep that person as a babysitter. AND if Brandi was out partying with her friends and staying out till all hours of the night, a red flag would go up and you would immediately find someone else to help take care of your children. Not only that, you sure would not want that person in your home on a daily basis around your children and you would kick that person out!!!!!!!!! This story is soooo fabricated and was obviously constructed in a panic because it makes no sense at all. I can’t believe no one is stepping up to help this girl and find the TRUTH. I pray that justice is rightfully served and that someone comes forward to Brandis defense!

  17. Make sure right before you read your print out, you get drug tested.

  18. Hello, sounds like a voice of reason thank you so much for stepping up to the plate. What no one person has asked is if Brandy was in the employ of this family then it would be in their tax returns that they paid for child care service. In turn, Brandy would also have had to file. Want to bet there is no info on the tax returns?
    In 2007, My 17 year old went to a party at this families home, Brandy was living there at the time, he was offered beer if he wanted it. Nobody asked my permission whether it was ok, and luckily he chose not to take it. This is the parents of these children? When I met the “man of the house” at the end of this party, he was definitely past the point of feeling good and kissed my son goodbye, needless to say, my son did not return to that house. I wish I had said something at that time, but since my son did not drink, I let it go. Maybe had I made some trouble for those people at that time, Brandy wouldn’t be where she is.
    This is a “child” in need of help, she is a victim here. There was drugs and drinking involved in this home, but it wasn’t Brandy’s. Look to the adults who got her into prison. This girl needs a good lawyer to stand up for her, not a person who wants to just get her through the system as fast as they can. Please if you want to right a wrong help her.

  19. anytime you want, you think her father might too?

  20. I got to know Brandy, she was scared into pleading guilty by her legal aide.I was there when he told her she had two days to decide what she wanted to plead he also said the D.A. was offering five years if she pleaded guilty and she told him she didn’t do anything wrong. So he not getting the answer he wanted he walked away. He is known as an attorney that always takes the first deal and tries to talk his clients into pleading guilty to get the case over with. While I was in OCJ an officer asked me who my attorney was I accidently said his name and her response was ” OH, he’s horrable”. Any body that knows if your family doesn’t have money for an attorney your gambling with legal aide sometimes they like what they do and others just want recognition well Kevin Walsh is in it for himself not his clients. Brandy was at law library trying to find a way to change her attorney and came to a wall at every turn. You should not judge anyone when you don’t know anything except what you hear. I may have only heard Brandy’s side to the story but I know that no twelve year old child would say “she suck my d—, and I went down on her “. Thats right I said twelve this allegedly happened two years ago so why is he just saying something now? Never mind you wouldn’t know the answer to that cause you only know what you hear!!

  21. and you are who?,,, just some low life trash looking to cash in, how about having brandy decker child rapist baby sitting your grand child?

  22. Obviously you don’t know many middle school boys then if you don’t think that would come out of their mouth.

  23. so with an 8 year old mind, brandy was at the law library trying to find a way to change her plea? Pretty advanced for a 8 year old to do don’t you think?

  24. ok, lets sling mud.. Brandys youngest sister has a rap sheet a mile long, did they mention about her attacking a pregnat woman, what about the other sister who ripped of wal mart of tv’s, computors, etc, Then theres the question about me hookering out this hunk of crp,,, who the hell would pay for it, besides her farther who amoung the family is accused of having sex with not only his daughter, but her step daugther, When this so called woman showed up at my door, no one told me that she had an 8 year old mentally. by the way I find it funny that from feb to may she went from 8 to 12 years of age. so she can’t grow past 8 but grew 5 years in 4 months, Bottom line,, Post your name dirt bag and I will give you the shot to prove your claims.

  25. Instead of worrying about what people say, why don’t you go and take care of your kids. I think they need alot of support if what happened is true.

  26. There is nothing that anyone can say to me that can hurt anymore then what my family has been hurt already, My son was raped, you can’t hurt someone anymore then that. As for taking care of my kids, I make sure thay have food, clothes, stay on them about school, and make sure my son gets to the shrink on time, thanks to Brandy.

  27. I have to reply becuase i met Brady recently and even tho she has the mentallity of a 8 to 11 year old, she is also GUILTY i have spoken to her as recently as Sunday as she cried about going to Bedford to face inmates who will no doubt find out about her charge. I had to tell her that having 2 boys myself i can not condone what she did and i trully beleive she deserves to go to jail. BUT that said i have to wonder if jail will get her the help she needs what happens in 8 years when she is freed will she recieve help. AND why is it men who penetrate and rape children get such smaller sentences, AGAIN i think Brandy deserves jail time but i also think she needs help.

  28. you sound like you are sorry she is going to jail. would you say the same things if she raped your children, she deserves to be scared can you imagine how the boy felt when she reaped him. he has to live with this for thre rest of his life while she only gets 8 years. is that fair???

  29. what 8 year old can graduate high school? what 8 year old can get accepted into collage? what 8 year old can hook a game system to a tv? what 8 year old knows anything about oral or anal sex? The question is ,, is brandy metal? Of course, any pig that can look at a child and see something sexual is a nut and belongs behind bars. And I’m glad to hear that she is scared. I have no pity for her. She deserves any hell that awaits her.