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    Generally I try not to make fun of what people do to get
    their kicks in a sexual manner. I wouldn’t call myself a prude or anything but
    I am pretty much straight-forward when it comes to sex. Just because I don’t
    think I would participate in something like wife-swapping doesn’t mean I think
    it’s wrong or anything. When it comes to children and pedophilia I have to draw
    the line though. There are plenty of people out there willing to indulge in
    whatever nasty fantasy you have without involving children.

    43-year-old Gregory Vance White from Port St. Lucie, Florida
    doesn’t seem to share my reservations about children apparently. As a matter of
    fact White is a stinking, nasty scumbag pedophile. According to his wife Teresa
    he’s taken several trips to Central America and the Caribbean where child
    prostitution is much more prevalent in order to indulge in his sick fantasies.
    He didn’t stop there unfortunately. White also felt the need to inflict his
    diseased sexual barbarity on his three-year-old daughter as well.

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    A 26-year-old Colerain Township man has been arrested in the
    deaths of his parents, Jerry and Mary Sturgel, as well as his 13-year-old
    sister Emily Nicole Hurst. Police were called to their home after a 911 call by
    the 13-year-old girl. According to the recorded 911 call Emily screamed “He’s
    coming. My mom!” before the phone line went dead.

    When police arrived at the residence they found that the
    murderer, Timothy Sturgel, had allegedly set the home ablaze after murdering
    his mother, sister and step-father. He was found outside of the house with a hunting
    rifle and ran back inside as officers arrived.

    Timothy doesn’t have any kind of criminal record that I have
    been able to find, however a family member has come forward to the media that
    Timothy had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. One thing that court records does show is that the police have been
    called to the house on more than one occasion and that Timothy was ordered to
    undergo psychiatric treatment at least four times. The relative also said that Jerry
    was getting ready to kick his 26-year-old stepson out of the house.

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    Brandon Lowery

    Perhaps it’s just me but do you ever wonder where the fuck
    they hand out brains in some parts of the country? I mean, come on dude. If you
    think you are chatting with a 14 year old online about sex chances are you are
    really talking with a cop. With fifty different states and hundreds of local
    police departments in each of them, exactly how many cops do you think are
    monitoring chat rooms at any given time? I’ll bet if you log on to AOL or
    wherever the fuck else people go to chat now and look for teenagers that want
    to have sex with creepy old men chances are there are more than one cop in the
    chat room. Hell, they are probably competing to see which one of them can bust
    a douchebag first. I guess that’s the good thing about pedophiles (if there is
    anything good). Plenty of them are stupid enough to be caught before they can
    harm someone’s precious child.

    Speaking of stupid, that brings us to today’s loser. 26-year-old Brandon Dale Lowery (MySpace),
    originally from Bowdon, Georgia, logged on to his computer on Christmas Eve at
    his home in Villa Rica and started chatting up a 14-year-old girl in Boynton
    Beach, Florida. The conversation included lewd sexual matter and Brandon
    allegedly engaged in a sex act on himself on web cam for the ‘girl’, who said
    that her’s was broken (that’s another clue for you…) 

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    America's Most Wanted Logo


    Darryl Crenshaw: Deputy U.S. Marshals say accused Connecticut girlfriend-killer Darryl Crenshaw slipped into Mexico to escape from authorities. But an AMW tipster remembered seeing that familiar face in a Mexican jail — and helped take Crenshaw down.

    marjanrroku.jpgMarjan Rroku: When two teenage Albanian sisters met Marjan Rroku at a Bible study group, they thought he was a great guy. But five years later, he had taken the life of one sister and sent the other fleeing to the US. After a close encounter on a Washington D.C. Metro train, police fear the killer is in pursuit again.

    paulsheldonbuford.jpgPaul Buford: Deputy U.S. Marshals in Detroit say they’re hot on the trail of an elusive gang member, wanted for his role in the upper echelon of the Black Mafia Family criminal organization. Paul Buford has a long, violent criminal past, and he’s the only fugitive not yet captured as a result of the DEA’s first wave of national BMF arrests.

    joseramonsastrecintron.jpgJose Sastre-Cintron: Police say when a man known as Jose Sastre-Cintron proudly flashed his gun at a house party in Harrisonburg, Va., people knew there’d be trouble. But no one could have guessed just how much: before the melee was through, cops say Sastre-Cintron would shoot an 18-year-old girl, steal a car, and disappear into the night.

    gregadrian.jpgGreg Adrian: Cops in the City Of Angels are on the lookout for a father accused of physically and sexually abusing his own 12-year-old daughter in November of 2007. When Adrian’s daughter blew the whistle on his latest string of abuse, police say he fled to Vegas. Now, Los Angeles detectives believe that Adrian is in the north Las Vegas area and could be traveling in a 1990’s, red, 4-door Honda sedan.

    dannywilliams.jpgDanny Williams: Cops say that Danny Williams shot two unarmed men after a neighborhood barbecue. Now, police need your help to get this armed and dangerous thug off the streets.

    unknownamw.jpgUnknown Sandra Brady Killer: It was one of New Mexico’s most mysterious unsolved Jane Doe cases: a pair of hikers found a murder victim, buried in a shallow grave in the unforgiving desert. But when AMW brought you the story two weeks ago, a tipster called our hotline and helped cops crack the case. The “Boots” Jane Doe now has a name: Sandra Jean Brady.

    robertwilliamfisher.jpgRobert Fisher: Cops in Scottsdale, Ariz. say Robert Fisher murdered his entire family and blew up their home to cover his tracks. Police are working a few promising leads and they’re re-analyzing some of the physical evidence recovered from Fisher’s abandoned getaway to get a better DNA profile.

    unknownamw.jpgUnknown Phillip Washington Killer: Dallas money courier Phillip Washington, 50, was brutally killed while he made his last stop of the night a year ago, and his tragic death was caught on surveillance tape. Now, one of his old friends — a prominent local journalist — has come to AMW.com to get his family some justice.

    cameronjamespitre.jpgCameron Pitre: According to cops, Cameron Pitre murdered his ex-girlfriend on Nov. 23, 2008. Police say Pitre had become increasingly hostile, and Ashley Hardey, his ex-girlfriend, was very cautious in his company. Despite her wariness, Ashley was murdered when police say Pitre forced his way into Ashley’s home and shot her multiple times.

    For more information on these stories as well as other criminals and missing children go check out AMW.com and watch America’s Most Wanted Saturday nights on FOX at 9PM EST/PST
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    Police in Manassas, Virginia were called out Tuesday night to an apartment complex off of Golden Leaf Drive. When they got there they found a three-year-old who had been duct-taped and beaten. You know how those little three-year-olds can get out of hand and need to be restrained. I’ll bet 35-year-old Erik Guevara was just terrified  ;(
    At least someone who knows Guevara had a bit of common sense because it was an acquaintance of his that called the law and reported the abuse. The child is not related to Guevara and if they even know yet police aren’t releasing any information as to why the child was there.
    Erik Guevara was arrested and charged with two counts of felony child abuse and two counts of domestic assault and battery and is being held on $100,000 bond. Personally I think that anyone who abuses children should be held on extremely high bond but $100 grand is a bit large in this kind of case from what I’ve seen. There is a reason though. It’s because the dickhead is a frigging illegal alien who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.
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    This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Cindy

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike A. Monsoor

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike A. Monsoor
    29 years old from Garden Grove, California
    September 29, 2006

    U.S. Navy

    In April 2008, Michael Monsoor (who had already been posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions in a May 9, 2006 incident, when he and another SEAL pulled a wounded team member to safety amidst gunfire) was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. His funeral, attended, in the words of President Bush, by “nearly every SEAL on the West Coast,” was held on October 12, 2006 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego. During Monsoor’s funeral service, as the casket was taken from the hearse to the gravesite, fellow SEALs lined up in two columns to slap and embed the gold Tridents (a pin awarded for successful completion of SEAL Qualification Training) from their uniforms onto the top of Monsoor’s coffin.

    Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike A. Monsoor’s Summary Of Action.

    “The procession went on nearly half an hour, and when it was all over, the simple wooden coffin had become a gold-plated memorial to a hero who will never be forgotten.” - President George W. Bush

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

    Wednesday Hero Logo

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    Back in the mid-nineties he was convicted of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a minor in Arizona. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson while in prison ’cause the dude is at it again. Rather than keep his brand of degradation in the great state of Arizona he decided to go where a large portion of my posts originate. Florida, The scumbag rapist state! He is wanted for raping a woman at gunpoint. Not just once though. He went back for seconds and told the woman that if she called the law he would kill her. If it wasn’t obvious from his earlier crime it should be now that this sorry piece of crap is no gentleman.
    Luckily the guy was spotted up in Nashville before he started raping anyone there. United States Marshals arrested him late last week at a traffic stop and while he didn’t give up easily he is in custody. As a matter of fact when they attempted to arrest him Alioth fought with police and even bit a Nashville Police Officer. The ended up tasing him twice and put him in leg restrainst before calming down enough to get him taken care of.
    Here’s a press release from the U.S. Marshal’s service on the arrest.

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    …at least that’s what Jose A. Santiago Camacho says and he should know :)
    Police in Port St Lucie, Florida started following a pickup truck last night after they noticed that the headlights were on. When the officer turned on his blues he saw a plastic bag get thrown from the passenger side of the truck which he made sure to retrieve. Inside the plastic bag there were several smaller bags that had coke inside. Cocaine I guess I should say.
    Of course Jose Camacho denies ever having the plastic bag and says he doesn’t know anything about the cocaine although he did cop to ownership of another bag that they found concealed on his person. Along with the drugs police found $2100 in his wallet. How did it get there, you ask? Certainly not from being a scum-sucking drug dealer.
    Oh no. Never.
    Jose got his $2100 from cutting lawns earlier in the week. Fuck. I think I’m in the wrong bidness.
    In addition to the drug charges that both Jose Camacho and the driver, Justo Villanueva face, Villaneuva also was cited for open container after the cops found an open bottle of Michelob Ultra in the truck. Christ, if you are selling drugs you should at least be able to afford decent beer. Anything other than Bud, Coors or Michelob. Damned piss water.
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    One thing that just irritates the crap out of me is yap dogs. You know the ones, they never stop barking. Usually it’s when you are trying to hold a conversation on the phone or get some sleep. Yap, yap, yap. Carson Smith, Sr of Bellevue, NE doesn’t like it either. He knew how to take care of that problem though. Yes, sir he did.

    When the Smith family Rat Terrier Sam wouldn’t stop barking Carson Smith cured that by beating him into submission with a golf club. Now I can’t say I’ve never thought about something like that but the difference is that he actually picked up the club and struck the dog in the head causing massive skull and brain injuries. The family had to have their dog euthanized and Smith was ticketed by the Humane Society for suspicion of a misdemeanor. They also forwarded it to the Sarpy County Attorney’s Office.
    Smith’s comment on the situation was to say:

    I didn’t mean to kill my dog. You know we loved the dog, you know. We took it to the vet, it was an unfortunate accident.

    No, if the dog had knocked the club off a stand and it fell on him bashing his head in, now that would have been an accident. It takes human decision to actually pick up a golf club and bash someone or something’s head in. 
    The misdemeanor charge can bring up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. He wasn’t charged with a felony because he only hit the dog once…
    I wonder if the Smiths have any yappy children?…
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    This story is actually a few days old but I’ve been behind the eight ball for the last six or eight weeks anyway.
    25-year-old Juan Corral Jr and his wife Dawn lived in Bullhead City, Arizona for a few months last year. Up until February actually, which is when they moved to Phoenix. During the time they lived there, and most likely after they moved, Juan would beat Dawn’s eight-year-old daughter. This wasn’t just another case of some guy hitting his kid too hard when they got out of line though. Oh, no. This was one of the most disgusting cases of abuse I’ve heard about so far this year.
    The girl, who is nine now, was forced to strip naked and eat her dinner on the floor like a dog. She was also forced to use the bathroom on the floor like a dog as well.  The girl was reportedly also dragged to the bathroom by her hair and forced to take cold showers for up to an hour at a time. During one week back in January of last year she missed an entire week of school because she had been so badly beaten by the scumbag.
    According to the Bullhead City Police Department, Juan also sexually abused her as another form of discipline.

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    I wrote several posts a few months ago about Erin Maxwell and her family and thought it was about time to update the story here.
    A couple of weeks ago Alan Jones appeared in an Oswego County courtroom for a hearing. A large part of the hearing centered around the fact that a full autopsy report still has not been released. Remember, the medical examiner released a one-page summary back in the fall that said Erin’s death was homicide by asphyxiation with sexual trauma as a contributing factor.  The ME’s office has been directing all questions about the autopsy to the Oswego County DA. Apparently the medical examiner has been out of work for quite a while and although the DA has made several requests for the report it still hasn’t been released. During the hearing Judge Hafner ordered the DA to write a formal letter requesting it.
    Alan Jones’ attorney also filed several motions during the hearing including one that asked for his $250,000 bond to be reduced so that he can get out on bail until the trial. The motion was denied.
    Earlier today the DA in the case, Donald Dodd, filed a motion asking the judge to stop Jones’ lawyer from releasing information in the case, saying that he is tainting the jury pool. What triggered the motion is a report that was put out last week that said while Erin was visiting relatives on the west coast last year she played a game that involved choking. Alan Jones’ attorney obviously wants that out because it can put a bit of doubt out there and it fits in with the theory that she accidently hung herself. Of course that doesn’t explain the sexual trauma.
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    Esnel Jean: North Miami detectives will never forget the gruesome sight of a woman and two children killed and buried in a homemade crypt. They say the man behind the horrific murders is Esnel Jean, a Haitian voodoo priest. Jean remains the focus of an international manhunt and they need your help to help capture him.
    Bradley and Luann Chase: Bradley Chase is back in Indiana after eight years on the run. Chase and his wife Luann were captured in October after appearing on Fifteen Seconds of Shame. It only took AMW viewers 12 hours to capture the duo after they got the publicity they never wanted.
    Yaser Said: They say he killed his daughters. In a crime that shocked the nation, two young women were found shot to death in the back of a taxi, and their father is one of the nation’s most-wanted men.
    Joseph Quartieri: It looked as if AMW tips had heated up the cold case of a mobster accused of almost killing a cop in a botched robbery in 1979. But when the leads started to unfold, U.S. Marshals were in for a strange twist.
    Lance Atkins: On Sept. 10, 2008, while attending a birthday party, cops say Lance Atkins got into a heated argument with his sister’s boyfriend, Corey Bowman. Cops say Lance got angry, pulled a gun and shot Corey before fleeing the scene.
    Anthony Thomas: The U.S. Marshals are hunting a man who they say has a terrible obsession: child pornography. Cops say Anthony Thomas, of Lafayette, La., looked at child pornography websites on his work computer, and a grand jury handed down an indictment against him, but now he’s nowhere to be found.
    Ricardo Rivera-Torres: Police are looking for Ricardo Juan Rivera-Torres, who they say killed a man in a botched Harrisburg, Pa. robbery. Police say they’ve rounded up Rivera-Torres’ co-conspirators, and now they need your help to take down the last man standing.
    Ronald Jackson: Cops in Henrico County, Va. say a brazen daytime break-in left one man seriously injured and another man on the run from law enforcement. Cops say Ronald Jackson is wanted for breaking into a neighbor’s home and stabbing his victim seven times with a screwdriver.
    Unknown Tim Edwards Killer: After just one visit to Montana Del Oso Ranch in New Mexico, Tim Edwards knew he had found a place to retire. Captivated by the scenery and sunsets, Tim and his wife Lynn moved to the ranch from Arizona, but the land was hiding a deadly secret.
    Ramon Gaspar: Police say a 29-year-old woman was resting at a Los Angeles hospital after a surgery when a male nursing assistant, Ramon Eduardo Gaspar, entered her room and molested her. 
    Unknown Silver Nugget Shooter: On June 25, 2006, someone opened fire inside the Silver Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas, Nev. Cops need you to look at the surveillance video, and they need your tips to bring the shooter to justice.
    Adji Desir: Adji Desir, a 6-year-old developmentally disabled Florida boy, has been missing since Saturday, Jan. 11, 2009. Police need your help to bring him home to his family.
    Unknown “Cheerleader Letters” Author: Dozens of mysterious letters containing a powdery substance are popping up all over the country and federal agents, including the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspector, are on the manhunt for the sender — who has been deemed a domestic terrorist.
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    From time to time I post about illegal immigration and the havoc it plays here in the States. This is one story that might never have happened had we enforced our already existing laws. Don’t get me wrong now. Immigration is the lifeblood of our country’s growth and always has been. That’s one of the things that the anti-immigration activists forget about. All of us were immigrants at one point or another. Even Native Americans aren’t native to America once you get back far enough. What I do believe is that we have to step up to the plate and enforce the existing immigration laws, stop letting new folks in that shouldn’t be here and throw out the ones that are already here illegally, at least the ones breaking other laws on top of it. Take the story about Marcelino de Jesus Martinez for example.
    Since Martinez was either oblivious to the laws of the country he is staying in illegally (the U.S.) or he knows and just blatantly doesn’t care (most likely), now our tax money is going to support his ass in jail. That’s right. He’s not here legally, has broken the law, and is being fed and housed on our dime.
    So what did Martinez do that was so terrible?

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    Around a month ago Malayshia Gamble ran away from home. Since then she’s been staying with several different friends and their families. Despite the fact that she was a runaway, neighbors and the families of her friends all say the same thing. They all say she is a nice, respectful girl.
    So how did she end up dead?
    Her MySpace (the current one) doesn’t offer any clues. It’s currently set to private. The headline reads “~%IV3 B33N A LITTL3 NAUGHTY…BUT I CAN B3 NIC3..% LOOKIN 4 MR.RIGHT NOT MR. RIGHT NOW” I’ve been a little naughty…but I can be nice.
    So why did she run away back at the beginning of December?
    It’s not the first time she’s run away from home. She ran away at least one other time last year and was also arrested for shoplifting back in May as well.
    On the night that Malayshia was killed she had attended a church carnival and left around 9:30pm. She stopped at a friend’s house to watch some football and received a phone call. She left, saying that she would be right back. Malayshia called a while later to say that she was on the way but she never showed up. Her body was found about 8am Friday morning, shot to death. 
    It’s disturbing that even though shots were heard, they are commonplace enough in the area that nobody who heard them Thursday night called police to report them.
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    While I’ve been fairly absent from the site over the last month I certainly don’t want to forget and not post the Wednesday Hero…


    Airman Melissa Pyle

    Airman Melissa Pyle 

    U.S. Navy

    Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) Airman Melissa Pyle mans a jet blast deflector station on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) in the Gulf Of Oman. Theodore Roosevelt and embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8 are deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility.

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero. 

    We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams. Those Who Say That We’re In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don’t Know Where To Look 

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

    Wednesday Hero Logo
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    Updated – For some reason when I set it to registration only things are screwed up. The site has been online for several years and my database is huge and full of crap. Eventually I need to just back up all of my comments and posts and do a complete reinstall of Movabletype. Rather than go that route I have left it set up where you should be able to authenticate using one of several forms of OpenID as well as registering here. Authenticated users get their comments posted immediately, anonymous ones will have to be moderated by me.

    Due to the fact that too many people like to call each other names from behind “anonymous” we are going to a membership setup here. It’s still just a normal blog and still free and all that stuff but you will be required to sign in first using a valid email address. You can use whatever moniker or handle that you want or even anonymous but if you are going to be spouting bullshit you won’t be able to hide behind it. Besides, if I get sued or have comment records pulled by law enforcement at least I’ll have a bunch of email and IP addresses to turn over to them and something to protect myself.

    It will take a bit of time for the site to rebuild itself completely, so if you try and comment on anything in the next couple of hours it may give you an error. Be patient and if it’s still screwing up in the morning, shoot me an email or text send me a direct message via twitter (the link is on my sidebar)
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    As a young parent it’s easy to get resentful about ‘losing’ your life outside of parenting. No more wild partying or just getting up to go whenever the hell you feel like it. I know, I’ve been there but when you make the choice to become a parent you are taking responsibility for another human life and what you get to do in the free time becomes secondary. Lori Beth & Craig Alan Kovens, both of whom are almost my age, apparently just don’t give a shit about their responsibility as their children (and the police) have found out.
    On New Year’s Eve the Kovens put their two sons to bed and started out with a bit of Ney Year cheer, which apparently included Cocaine. We all know how Cocaine helps you make good choices (not!) and this was no exception. The Kovens decided they needed to ring the New Year in right and left their children at home alone to go party with their friends.
    Babysitters and Food?
    Who needs that shit anyway?

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    Jamie Lockhart must have felt really threatened by his new baby. On Thursday, January 1, 2009 around 3:15 p.m., Waterloo Police Officers and Waterloo Fire Rescue Paramedics were sent to 1109 Randolph Street on the report of a one-week old infant who had sustained a severe laceration.
    Officers determined that the infant, 8-day-old James Lockhart of 1109 Randolph Street, was the victim of an aggravated assault, having been stabbed in the abdomen with a knife.  James was initially transported to Covenant Medical Center and then transferred to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City for treatment.
    As a result of this investigation, 31-year-old Jamie Lockhart of 1109 Randolph Street has been arrested and charged with Attempt to Commit Murder.  Jamie Lockhart is the father of James Lockhart. Three other children in the home including one of Jennifer Lockhart’s (the mother) from another relationship have all been removed from the home by the Iowa Department of Human Services.
    Jamie Lockhart is presently being held in the Black Hawk County Jail on a two hundred thousand dollar bond.
    James Lockhart remains hospitalized at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in stable condition
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    I don’t have a lot of patience with drug users or other assorted losers like that. I don’t actually have a problem with them doing the drugs unless it will effect other people. Hell, I did my share (and probably your’s too) as a teenager and then drank heavily until my early twenties but then children came and things change. It was time to grow up and act like a parent. That’s when I start having problems with people that drink and drug when they are in the responsible position of being a caretaker. I had to spend my day at work with a damned pill-popper today so my tolerance level is extremely low right now which is probably why a loser like Christina Robledo (MySpace) pisses me off so much tonight. (H/T to LiLo and Trench – both linked)
    Back in May of this past year 911 was called and police arrived at the scence to find that baby Neveah Salinas Robledo was not breathing and was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital. 
    Originally police were ready to chalk it up to SIDS and didn’t believe that Robledo was responsible for the child’s death. That is until it was found that Robledo was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It took until September for the Coroner’s report to be released to the police in September and then took them another month to get arrest warrants done. What the hell is up with California? Four months for a coroner’s report? Christ. Anyway, the report said that Christina rolled over in her drug-induced haze and smothered the baby to death. The warrant is for Voluntary Manslaughter and although it was taken out in October the authorities have waited until last week to release it and are now hoping (eight months later) that the public will be able to help them find Robledo, who is apparently in hiding or on the run.
    If you have any information that will help find the mother of the week please feel free to call homicide detectives at 408-277-5283.
    Anyone know what the hell is up with her eyebrows? She looks like a klingon.

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    A bit of almost-local news for you. Robert Phillips and his girlfriend Julia Shaw live in Ballground, Georgia. That’s a couple of hours north of where I am. Ballground is famous in Georgia for being a quick-serve marriage town, or at least it used to be. I don’t really know if it’s quite as easy as it used to be but the wife and I almost drove up to Ballground to get married until cooler wiser heads prevailed and talked us into having an actual wedding. 
    It’s also a smaller, rural town in North Georgia but like small towns everywhere it has the same share of schmucks and assholes that big cities do. Just ask Julia Shaw, once she gets out of the hospital anyway.
    Anyway, Shaw and Phillips got into it on New Years Eve. I don’t know if there was drinking or not but it’s a pretty safe bet that old Robert was pretty tore up. What the hell else is there to do in Ballground on New Years eve besides drinking cheap beer and beating your old lady anyway? That’s exactly what Robert did. Witnesses to the crime said that they saw a man covered in blood standing over Shaw lying in the road before he took off. They did manage to get a license plate though, which was given to law enforcement when they showed up.
    Within a few hours 46-year-old Robert Phillips was arrested in a nearby county on charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and criminal attempt to commit murder. Considering that Julia Shaw is on life support with a fractured skull and internal injuries it’s quite possible that murder charges will be added to the list.
    Phillips is no stranger to the law either. Back in 2007 he was convicted of battery, criminal damage to property and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (which means even more earlier convictions). Shaw was the victim in those crimes as well. Not to disparage any hope for the victim but that pretty much makes her a dumbass as well for staying with the piece of crap. I understand battered wife syndrome and all of that but I still believe that the things we do and the choices we make are ours so if you are planning on posting comments on how she didn’t have a choice, you might as well stop now.
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    Leroy_Green_III.jpgKansas City prosecutors filed charges back on December 19th against Leroy Green III on nine counts of rape and six counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Basically they are accusing Leroy of lewd fondling or sexual intercourse with several victims over the last seven years.

    Leroy is no stranger to the Wyandotte County Jail either, having been booked into the jail at least five times over the last six years and released on his own recognizance each and every time. Damn, lucky dude, right?
    Leroy Green was finally taken into custody this past monday evening and his bond was set at $1 million. Guess his luck finally ran out. That or his father’s patience. Oh yeah. I guess I forgot that part. Leroy Green III is the son of Wyandotte County Sheriff Leroy Green Jr.
    Green, Jr smartly enough has decided to stay out of his son’s current legal mess and will not be taking any part in the legal proceedings as well as having disqualified himself from any involvement with the case including any custodial issues. He did issue a statement saying that “As a father I am deeply saddened and disheartened by the charges that have been brought against my son” The jail administrator and deputy sheriff will be handling all decisions regarding Green III.
    Hopefully justice will prevail in this case and the sheriff will continue to stay out of it.
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  • It’s been pretty lame over here the last few weeks. As I mentioned toward the beginning of December, I work a lot at the end of the year. When I say a lot I mean too many fricking hours. For example, I worked eight days last week, then had one off, have another eight day stretch I am currently working on and then I will finally get two in a row off and my schedule will go back to the normal 6 and 2, 7 and 1, 6 and 2 that I was working prior to the holidays.

    What do the holidays bring to Shadowscope? Hastily (and badly I might add) written short posts that I might as well have not posted at all but just felt the need to get something online…
    …to add to the already lame assortment of news I’ve been posting lately here’s a bit of surveilance video captured at an Oregon car wash where the guy operating it chased off his would-be assailant with a power wand hose. While not particularly news worthy it did give me a bit of a chuckle.
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    The AP video below tells you a little bit about AT&T’s HomeManager which is basically a little touchscreen that allows you to access the internet. I was not particularly impressed since it doesn’t do anything I can’t already do with any tablet PC hooked to my network, my Blackberry or the wife’s iPod Touch, or my old Audrey that’s sitting unused in the closet for that matter. Still, it does show that slowly but surely some of the behemoths like AT&T are trying to move into the 21st century even if it is with the wrong choice of hardware.

    BTW, I know it’s been quite some time since I posted over here. I’ll try and rectify that and not stay so busy at the crime blog.

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    Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year! One more time ’round the sun. I probably won’t be posting much later today (possibly this evening) as I am getting ready to go in to work and don’t get off until 1pm this afternoon. Ugh. Not much fun.

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