March 17, 2007

A little Irish..

…at least for the evening. Saint Patrick’s Day is almost over and I am sitting here while everyone else is out drinking green beer and having a good old time. The wife is asleep and the girls are getting ready for bed, so I decided to search for Irish themed stuff. I came across a…Read more

Memory Upgrade

I have right at a gig of computer memory in my PC, but since I have upgraded to Windows Vista I have been considering getting at least another gig (at least). Memory Store has some decent prices and a decent selection, so that is more than likely where I will get it. When I worked…Read more

Another Little Web Gadget…

…and this one’s for your cell phone or MySpace blog. U-Doo is a personalized ringtone thing that you create and download to your phone and/or to your myspace blog. It is an animated avatar that also speaks. It allows you to build a custom avatar, select a message from either one that you record on…Read more