October 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3: Roadtrips

…or thirteen places I have. Nothing too terribly exotic here but there are cool stories behind each. Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME Los Angeles – in 1987 my friend Chris that passed away last year was home on leave and wanted to take his pickup truck back to L.A. with him but didn’t want to…Read more


I’ve been thinking about several different home improvement projects that I would like to finally get completed in 2008 and putting in a new mailbox is one of them. After looking around at the local home improvement stores for mailboxes as well as online, I finally decided that something along the lines of the one…Read more

Long Evening…

I had originally planned on being home shortly after eight but unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned. I had to finish putting up the truck that came in earlier with the weekly food delivery, do the weekly paperwork for the week, finish the paperwork that my manager had not done for three days, and…Read more

Untitled post

RePete wasn’t feeling very well today apparently. The wife called me at 11 and asked me if I could go pick her up from school. She seems fine to me but she normally doesn’t complain and spent most of the morning in the teacher’s lap. We have just sort of hung out today. We came…Read more

Cleveland Shooting

I received a tweet from Slobokan and almost imemdiately afterward got a breaking news email from CNN about a shooting spree at a school in Cleveland, Ohio. Apparently a 14-year-old in at a Cleveland high school started shooting at teachers and students, wounding four before he was killed. According to the article at CNN it’s…Read more


We had a pretty good time last night. All of the usual suspects were there, and I got the chance to meet Blackfive as well. Guess I need to update the sidebar again but I think I shall wait until after this weekend. I will get to that shortly. Line of the evening: “Am I…Read more