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BBS Screenshots

Here are some example screenshots of menus on the board. Thanks mostly to Luciano Ayres at for the awesome menus. There’s no way I could have such a good looking BBS without them. I am OK at Ansi/Ascii and can edit existing stuff but my work pales in comparison to most of the great…Read more

Happy Anniversary Shadowscope!

Apparently I missed it. Shows how much I care 🙂 At some point in October or November of 1999 I converted over from a BBS to a web site. Ran it using a dynamic dns url for about a year and purchased in December of 1999 (I think) My first couple of months were…Read more

Some BBS Updates

Wow. 2019. Looks like I haven’t posted since 2017. Time flies right? Anyway, you can access still access the BBS from the menu links above by choosing the ftelnet option. I have also got a small applet hosted at, as Mystic now has a builtin web server. I am in the process of adding…Read more

Short downtime

My BBS and corresponding internal web site will be down for a while this afternoon as I change my network over. Should be back up in the next couple of hours. Updated – The BBS itself should be available now as well as the Fidonet mailer. If there’s any issues please let me know. Best…Read more

BBS Down

My BBS and a few other internal services will be down until  tomorrow evening. My router (or at least it’s settings) has gone tits up and reset everything to default including all of my port forwarding settings. I don’t have the time or patience to mess with it tonight but will fix it as soon…Read more

Wizards of the Coast to Release Digital Toolset

Growing up I played Dungeons and Dragons extensively. The original D&D, Advanced D&D, 3rd Edition, you name it. Really from about 1976 up until the early 90s I was a big fan. Still have most of the books, boxed sets, modules, dice and a crapload of full notebooks where I created my own stuff. Anyway,…Read more

The Guitar

Several years ago the wife received as a gift a really nice acoustic guitar from a friend of her’s that was going through a divorce. She likes to tell the story about it as it belonged to one of the three or four men that she hates the most and truly wished harm to come…Read more

Verizon Offers Unlimited Data Plan

Hell has officially frozen over. I ditched Verizon a couple of years ago after the salesman in the Carrollton, GA store outright refused to sell me a phone at full price so that I could keep my grandfathered plan. While I do have to keep an eye on my data, it’s never really been a…Read more

Merry Christmas

Before I head out the door to the salt mines I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (and Happy Hanukkah, which coincides with Christmas this year…) Merry Festivus and all that other stuff.  

Another Fine Independence Day…Brought To You By Darwin