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  • Some BBS Updates

    Wow. 2019. Looks like I haven’t posted since 2017. Time flies right? Anyway, you can access still access the BBS from the menu links above by choosing the ftelnet option. I have also got a small applet hosted at, as Mystic now has a builtin web server. I am in the process of adding […]

  • BBS Down

    My BBS and a few other internal services will be down until ¬†tomorrow evening. My router (or at least it’s settings) has gone tits up and reset everything to default including all of my port forwarding settings. I don’t have the time or patience to mess with it tonight but will fix it as soon […]

  • Another Fine Independence Day…Brought To You By Darwin  

  • Vacation!

    I’ll be out of town for the next three days. Unfortunately the BBS has been getting hammered 24/7 by asian hackers for the last month. Nothing that’s an issue other than bandwidth but it is causing my machine to overheat and shut down every couple of days. If you can’t login, or deliver Fido mail […]

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