Going Out

I got an email from a friend the other day. Seems that a few bloggers are getting together for dinner tonight in Atlanta. I lucked out on that one. One of my manager’s is supposed to be off this weekend but he is wanting to go skiing the weekend prior to my vacation with some…Read more

Getting all my ducks in a row…

I have spent the great majority of the morning going between reading news sites and fooling with paperwork. Since the wife and I are going to the Bahamas next month and I don’t have a passport, while her’s expire ten years ago, there is quite a bit of stuff to do. It takes two or…Read more

Very Quiet

We had a bit more company earlier today. Michelle and the kids came over this afternoon to hang out for a while and it was nice to see them. Not it’s pretty quiet though. My brother and his wife have started their seven hour drive back home to Cary along with the kids. I know…Read more

Yet Another Lovely Day…

It’s been a pretty doggone long week. I have one more day of work until I get one day off. My brother and his wife are staying in town until Saturday evening so that we can hang out a bit. It’s been pretty nice seeing them this week. They are moving back down here in…Read more

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to get on an wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Most likely I will be offline the rest of the day as I will be working from 6AM until about 2AM tomorrow morning and then back at work at 7AM the next day. We had our Christmas at the house yesterday evening….Read more

Another Day…

…another dollar, or at least 50 cents. My brother and his family should be arriving at some point this morning. They called last night and said they were on the way, so I don’t know what time they will be here. Particularly with the rain that has been pretty persistent over the last 24 hours…Read more

What a Day…

The Marine just got home from the movies. He and a friend went out to the movies and dinner and are both staying here tonight, most likely to play the X-Box 360 all night. He still hasn’t gotten his mom a Christmas gift. I am starting to get really pissed off about it. The wife…Read more

Mr. Christmas Spirit

I don’t normally rant and cuss in my weekend open trackbacks but this is all I am posting this morning before work, so there it is. Read at the risk of your ears bleeding.

The Boy Comes Home Tomorrow…

I don’t know what crawled up my ass and died last night but boy was I in a foul mood while I sat here and type until 11:15 when I should have already been in bed. Nobody pissed me off and nothing particularly bad happened yesterday once you get past the part where I had…Read more

In A Fog…

After I finally crept off the couch from my nap yesterday afternoon the wife and I picked the girls up and went to the Olive Garden for supper. It was pretty good, particularly since she had received a gift certificate for Christmas. Other than the fact that it was somewhat cold in the are we…Read more